Deming & Thompson was a lumber and coal company started in Frankfort in 1887 when George L. Thompson (1860-1942), in partnership with his father-in-law Charles O. Deming (1835-1890), purchased the lumber firm of J.F. Morgan. They were located at 300 W. Washington Street and operated through the 1960s.

To see what it looked like in the 1950s, check out the pictures available online in the James Ostler Collection from the Frankfort Community Public Library.

Names mentioned on the backs of photos:

  • George L. Thompson
  • William Thatcher
  • Earl Parsons
  • Odus Hardesty
  • Jerome
  • [Hard to read: Olam Toops?]

The names are in the descriptions of the photos that include them.

Click any image in the gallery to view it and its description (if any). After it pops up, you can click the blue left/right arrows beneath it to page through the photos, or (if available) the green down-sloping arrow to view the picture at full size.

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