This index covers the major county histories and historical atlases (that include biographies) of Clinton County, Indiana, listed below. Over time, we would like to add the various centennial and sesquicentennial books.

Please note that these indexes are not complete to every name mentioned within the biographies. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you might check the WPA Clinton County index listed on the Online Resources Guide. From there, progress to searching the individual books.

Where possible, we have provided a link via the page number to view that specific page online. Due to the way the 1913 history and 1878 atlas are stored/accessed, we could not provide direct links for them. You’ll have to look up the indicated page at their respective sites (or in the physical books). The page numbers with fractions are numbered that way in the actual books. Those with letters are our way of indicating unnumbered photograph pages (so 65b would be an unnumbered page right after 65, containing only a photograph).

There are 2,355 entries in this index. You can browse them below or filter using the input fields.

Books Included In This Index



Last Name First Name Description Place Book Page
AllenD. F. Bio1886 H532
AllenDavidBio1913 H758
AllenDavid Bio1886 H898
AllenH. C. Bio1886 H794
AllenI.Bio1895 H567
AllenJ.Bio1895 H565
AllenJames M.Bio1913 H611
AllenJohnBio1913 H475
AllenM.Bio1895 H566
AllenM. R.Bio1895 H565
AllenM. R.Portrait1895 H562
AllenM. R. Bio1886 H898
AllenM. R., Mrs.Portrait1895 H563
AllenMajor David T.Bio1913 H806
AllenMoses Bio1886 H795
AllenMoses R.Bio1913 H476
AllenRussellBio1913 H758
AllenS.Bio1895 H568
AllenS. B.Bio1895 H568
AllenStephenBio1913 H611
AllenT.Bio1895 H568
AllenTilghman H.Bio1913 H475
AlterBenjamin Bio1886 H872
AlterD.Bio1895 H560
AlterDavid Bio1886 H614
AlterJ.Bio1895 H560
AmosJ. B.Bio1903 A42
AndersonD. W.Bio1895 H570
AndersonElijahLithographic ViewPerry Township, Sec 241878 A91
AndersonJ.Bio1895 H569
AndersonJamesBio1878 A29
AndersonJamesLithographic ViewPerry Township, Sec 231878 A91
AndersonJr., JamesBio1913 H470
AndersonMarionBio1913 H465
AndersonS.Bio1895 H569
AndersonSamuel Bio1886 H798
AndersonSr., JamesBio1913 H470
Anderson FamilynullBio1895 H569
AppJ. M. Bio1886 H707
ArmstrongI. D. Bio1886 H533
ArmstrongIsaac D.Bio1878 A35
ArmstrongIsaac D.Portrait1878 A23
AshleyW. P. Bio1886 H535
AshmanGeorge Bio1886 H631
AshmanGeorge Bio1886 H632
AshpawJ. R. Bio1886 H616
AsphawJames RLithographic ViewJohnson Township, Sec 151878 A96
AtkinsonJohn Bio1886 H536
AubleJr., George A.Bio1913 H557
AubleSr., George A.Bio1913 H557
AugheJames P.Bio1913 H924
AultJohnBio1913 H835
AveryArtie M.Bio1913 H548
AveryElwoodBio1913 H804
AveryEnochBio1913 H804
AveryJacob Bio1886 H742
AveryW. A. Bio1886 H536
AyersJohn B.Lithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 291878 A62
AyersJohn B., and WifePortrait1878 A62
AyersSamuel Bio1886 H537
AyresAlbert G.Bio1913 H764
AyresJesse E.Bio1913 H764
AyresJohn B.Bio1913 H764
BaileyF. P. Bio1886 H799
BaileyGrover C.Bio1913 H797
BaileyNunBio1913 H461
BaileySilasBio1913 H461
BaileySilasBio1913 H797
BaileyT.Bio1895 H571
BaileyW.Bio1895 H571
BailorJacobLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 71878 A83
BailorS. M.Bio1878 A31 1/2
BailorS. M. Bio1886 H709
BailorSamuel M.Bio1913 H869
BailyS.Bio1895 H768
BairdJ. A. B. Bio1886 H616
BairdO. S.Photo & Bio1903 A33
BakerA.Bio1895 H557
BakerA., and WifePortrait1878 A74
BakerAbnerBio1878 A28
BakerAbnerBio1913 H811
BakerAbnerLithographic ViewWashington Township, Jefferson1878 A74
BakerAbnerPortrait1895 H554
BakerAbner Bio1886 H900
BakerAbner Illustration1886 H900
BakerAbner, Mrs.Portrait1895 H555
BakerD.Bio1895 H591
BakerEdgar M.Bio1903 A42
BakerG. W.Bio1895 H572
BakerLinneaus S.Bio1913 H811
BakerW.Bio1895 H572
BallD. M.Bio1895 H573
BallJ.Bio1895 H572
BallM.Bio1895 H574
BarnerD. P.Bio1878 A36 1/4
BarnerD. P.Bio1895 H576
BarnerD. P.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A56
BarnerD. P. Bio1886 H538
BarnerDavid P.Portrait1878 A30
BarnerH.Bio1895 H574
BarnerH.Bio1913 H376
BarnerJ.Bio1895 H574
BarnerJ. J., & Co.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A53
BarnerJohnBio1878 A27
BarnerJohnBio1913 H376
BarnerJohnPhoto1913 H376b
BarnerJohnPortrait1878 A30
BarnerJohn Bio1886 H416
BarnerJohn Illustration1886 H416
BarnettAmos E.Bio1913 H606
BarnettFrank W.Bio1913 H949
BarnettJ. W. Bio1886 H742
BarnettJohnBio1913 H606
BarnettJohnBio1913 H610
BarnettJohn Bio1886 H632
BarnettVincent E.Bio1913 H830
BarnettW. A., Bio1913 H830
BarnettWilliam E.Bio1913 H609
BarnhartHarryBio1913 H689
BarnsJohn A.Bio1878 A32
BarnsJohn A.Portrait1878 A26
BarricklowC. A.Photo & Bio1903 A36
BateJosiah Bio1886 H873
BateJosiah Illustration1886 H873
BaumDaniel Bio1886 H707
BaylessAlfred A.Bio1913 H887
BaylessJ. M.Bio1895 H579
BaylessJ. Q. Bio1886 H419
BaylessS. O.Bio1878 A35
BaylessS. O.Bio1895 H579
BaylessS. O.Portrait1878 A25
BaylessS. O.Portrait1895 H578
BeachC. H. Bio1886 H664
BeachCaleb S.Bio1913 H617
BeachJohn R.Bio1913 H617
BearM. B. Bio1886 H420
BeardAdamBio1913 H665
BeardAdam Bio1886 H874
BeardIra H.Bio1913 H664
BeardIra H. and wifePhoto1913 H664b
BeardMartinBio1913 H638
BeardOwen E.Bio1913 H638
BeattyIsaacBio1913 H504
BeattyJames C.Bio1913 H504
BeattyJames O. B.Photo1913 H504b
BeattyNewton GaskillPhoto1913 H504b
BeaverE. C.Bio1895 H581
BeaverJ. M. F.Bio1895 H581
BeeboutA., Mrs.Portrait1895 H585
BeeboutP.Bio1895 H582
BeeboutP.Portrait1895 H584
BeeboutW.Bio1895 H582
BeilA. J. Bio1886 H774
BeiselH. D. and wifePhoto1913 H776b
BeiselHenry D.Bio1913 H776
BeiselP. J.Bio1913 H790
BeiselPeterBio1913 H791
BeiselSolomonLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 181878 A79
BeiselSolomon K.Bio1913 H777
BellAlfred J.Bio1913 H847
BellJ. M. Bio1886 H774
BellJamesLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 201878 A62
BellJames M.Bio1913 H703
BellJohn W.Bio1913 H965
BellW. F. Bio1886 H775
BellWm.Bio1913 H847
BenjaminGeorge W.Bio1913 H737
BennettCyrus L.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 221878 A75
BennettOmer C.Bio1913 H913
BennettWilliam Bio1886 H708
BergenE. D.Bio1895 H588
BergenI.Bio1895 H588
BerryGeorge C.Bio1913 H661
BerryJames Bio1886 H633
BerryJohnBio1913 H661
BerrymanC. E.Bio1895 H589
BerrymanW. N.Bio1895 H589
BerrymanW. N.Portrait1895 H588
BettsIsaacBio1913 H668
BettsJohnBio1913 H668
BettsWm. C.Bio1913 H667
BewseyA. W.Bio1895 H588
BewseyCatharineBio1913 H452
BewseyManson A.Bio1913 H453
BewseyS.Bio1895 H588
BeydlerWilliam Bio1886 H708
BickleyC. H. Bio1886 H665
BickleyJoseph Bio1886 H666
BieberJames A.Photo1913 H696b
BieberJames AllenBio1913 H696
BieryJoseph J.Bio1913 H933
BirdG. W.Bio1895 H590
BlackD.Bio1895 H587
BlackerEllen J. (see Dukes, Ellen J.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
BlackerG. B. Bio1886 H800
BlackerJ. D. Bio1886 H801
BlairJosephBio1913 H541
BlairWilliam E.Bio1913 H541
BlakeJ. A. Bio1886 H539
BlancheDaniel A.Bio1913 H825
BlancheJohn T.Bio1913 H825
BlinnJesse C.Bio1913 H706
BlinnJesse C.Lithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 171878 A59
BlissS. E.Bio1895 H591
BlystoneAaron Bio1886 H743
BlystoneG. A. Bio1886 H744
BlystoneM.Bio1895 H591
BlystoneS. M.Bio1895 H591
BoganE. W.Portrait1878 A26
BogheJacob E.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 311878 A83
BondDora (see Spray, Dora)Photo & Bio1903 A35
BondE. J.Bio1895 H592
BondE. J. Bio1886 H666
BondJ. P. Bio1886 H745
BondJ. R. Bio1886 H745
BondJ. W. Bio1886 H602
BondM. U.Bio1895 H592
BondM. U. Bio1886 H667
BoneJ. P. Bio1886 H667
BonhamD. M.Bio1895 H593
BonhamJ.Bio1895 H593
BoomerH. A.Bio1895 H900
BooneR. G. Bio1886 H540
BouldenA. H.Bio1895 H594
BouldenHockman & Boulden, Attorneys at LawBio1903 A42
BouldenJ. M.Bio1895 H594
BouldenJ. N.Bio1913 H722
BouldenJ. N. Bio1886 H668
BouldenM. A.Bio1903 A42
BouldenM. D., Melville F.Bio1913 H722
BouldenWm.Bio1903 A42
BowenSanford Bio1886 H541
BowenWilliam S.Bio1913 H854
BoydD lla E.Photo & Bio1903 A39
BoydJohnBio1913 H592
BoydW. P. and familyPhoto1913 H592b
BoydWilliam P.Bio1913 H592
BoydWm. P.Photo & Bio1903 A39
BoydWm. P. Farm Scene (photograph of farm and buggy)Photo & Bio1903 A39
BoyerFrancis M.Bio1913 H582
BoyerGeorge S.Bio1913 H581
BoyerMaggie (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
BoyerRobert E.Bio1913 H936
BoyerRobt. F. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
BoylesJames W.Bio1913 H444
BoylesJohnBio1913 H445
BoylesM. A. Bio1886 H775
BoyntonRobt. H.Bio1913 H900
BozworthClara BellePhoto & Bio1903 A38
BozworthHenry M.Bio1913 H646
BozworthJacob A.Bio1913 H622
BozworthJohn F.Bio1913 H627
BozworthJohn F.Photo & Bio1903 A38
BozworthVenora (see Silverthorn, Venora)Photo & Bio1903 A38
BozworthWm.Bio1913 H627
BradenRobert F.Bio1913 H490
BradenW. M. Bio1886 H904
BradenWm.Bio1903 A42
BradenWm. M.Bio1913 H490
BraffordJ. M. Bio1886 H542
BrandS. A.Bio1895 H901
BrandW.Bio1895 H901
BrandonA.Bio1895 H903
BrandonS.Bio1895 H903
BranstetterEmma (see Unger, Emma)Photo & Bio1903 A36
BranstetterJacobBio1913 H629
BranstetterJames N.Bio1913 H629
BrantA. L. Bio1886 H745
BrantD. S.Bio1913 H400
BrantD. S. Bio1886 H746
BrantDavid S. and FamilyPhoto1913 H400b
BrentonIda B. (see Hodgen, Ida B.)Photo & Bio1903 A39
BridgesCharles W.Bio1913 H607
BridgesElmer C.Bio1913 H607
BridgfordC. M.Bio1895 H595
BridgfordLaura F. (see Snodgrass, Laura F.)Photo & Bio1903 A36
BridgfordW. B.Bio1895 H595
BristowJ.Bio1895 H902
BristowM.Bio1895 H902
BrittonDaniel Bio1886 H747
BrockA. D.Bio1895 H596
BrockA. D.Portrait1895 H597
BrockA. D. Bio1886 H633
BrockE.Bio1895 H596
BrookieH. R. Bio1886 H633
BrookieJ. A.Bio1895 H599
BrookieJ. A. Bio1886 H634
BrookieR. A. Bio1886 H635
BrookieW.Bio1895 H599
BrooksR. Jr.Bio1895 H599
BrooksW. W.Bio1895 H599
BrownEmeline J. (see Stephenson, Emeline J.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
BrownFrank M.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 251878 A80
BrownG. W.Bio1913 H398
BrownJ.Bio1895 H600
BrownJoseph S. D.Bio1913 H873
BrownWard B.Bio1913 H702
Brumbaugh. EBio1913 H403
BrumbaughJ. W.Bio1913 H404
BrumbaughO. E. Bio1886 H420
BryanStephen A.Bio1913 H867
BryantDeW. C. Bio1886 H543
BryantDeWitt C.Portrait1878 A30
BryantJudge Wm. P.Bio1913 H197
BuchananJohn H.Bio1913 H669
BuckNicholas Bio1886 H710
BunnellNoahBio1913 H626
BunnellNoah L.Bio1913 H626
BuntinElihu Bio1886 H635
BuntinElihu Illustration1886 H635
BuntinElihu, Residence Built 1831Lithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 311878 A93
BurfordCaryBio1913 H612
BurfordJohn H.Bio1913 H612
BurgetE.Bio1895 H601
BurgetE.Bio1913 H390
BurgetE. O.Photo & Bio1903 A33
BurgetE..Bio1913 H389
BurgetW. M.Bio1895 H602
BurnsE. H.Bio1895 H870
BurnsE. H.Bio1903 A42
BurnsJohn Bio1886 H602
BurnsJoseph I.Bio1913 H546
BurnsMrs. FanniePhoto & Bio1903 A37
BurnsPeterBio1913 H546
BurroughsJ. H.Bio1913 H411
BurroughsU.Bio1913 H411
BurroughsW. F.Bio1913 H410
ButlerDanielBio1913 H537
ButlerThomas N.Bio1913 H537
CadleJ.Bio1895 H739
CainGeorge Bio1886 H669
CaldwellF. D. Bio1886 H603
CaldwellHon. Frank D.Lithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 231878 A56
CaldwellJ. J.Bio1895 H602
CaldwellJ. J. Bio1886 H604
CaldwellJ. W.Bio1895 H602
CallowayCatharine Bio1886 H776
CallowayJ. H.Bio1895 H737
CallowayJoseph Bio1886 H776
CallowayLewis F.Bio1913 H923
CammackN. H.Bio1895 H603
CammackS.Bio1895 H603
CampbellA. S.Bio1913 H621
CampbellAndrew StarkBio1903 A42
CampbellMarkBio1913 H621
CampbellMarkBio1913 H718
Campbell EliasnullBio1913 H717
CanfieldB. N.Bio1895 H605
CanfieldM. S.Bio1895 H604
CannHoward A.Photo & Bio1903 A34
Cann-Harshman Monument CompanyThePhoto & Bio1903 A34
CaplingerJohnBio1913 H549
CaplingerMosesBio1913 H550
Carnegie LibrarynullPhoto1913 H280b
CarrickRobertBio1903 A42
CarrickRobert Bio1886 H636
CarsonRev. J. K. P. Bio1886 H747
CarterD. B. Bio1886 H617
CarterDavid BBio1913 H675
CarterE.Bio1895 H606
CarterE. P. Bio1886 H905
CarterG. W.Lithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 251878 A60
CarterGeo. W.Bio1878 A32
CarterJoseph B.Bio1913 H836
CarterM. A.Bio1895 H609
CarterN. R.Photo & Bio1903 A33
CarterR.Bio1895 H606
CarterR. C.Bio1913 H483
CarterR. J.Bio1895 H845
CarterR. J. Bio1886 H543
CarterWm.Bio1913 H484
CarverJ.Bio1895 H753
CarverM. A.Bio1895 H609
CarverM. A.Portrait1895 H608
CarverP.Bio1895 H609
CaseyJ. B.Bio1913 H544
CaseyJ. B.Photo1913 H544b
CaseyT. J.Bio1913 H544
CasselF. C.Bio1913 H863
CastH.Bio1895 H610
CastH. E.Bio1903 A42
CastJ. R.Bio1895 H610
CastSarah Emily (see Pursifull, Sarah Emily)Photo & Bio1903 A36
CatronAndrewBio1913 H656
CatronAndrew Bio1886 H875
CatronDessie A., Bio1913 H803
CatronJ. L. Bio1886 H875
CatronJacob L.Bio1913 H803
CatronM. R.Bio1913 H656
CatronM. R. and familyPhoto1913 H656b
CatronValentine Bio1886 H876
CatterlinCol. Noah T.Bio1913 H181
CatterlinN. T.Bio1878 A27
CatterlinN. T.Bio1895 H904
CatterlinN. T.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A55
CatterlinN. T. Bio1886 H545
CatterlinN. T., and WifePortrait1878 A55
Centennial BlocknullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A47
ChapmanS.Bio1895 H646
CheadleJ. B.Bio1895 H870
ChittickA.Bio1895 H611
ChittickC.Bio1895 H611
ChittickM. D., CharlesBio1913 H898
ChoatLewis Bio1886 H777
ChoatLewis Illustration1886 H777
ClapperD.Bio1895 H612
ClapperH.Bio1895 H612
ClapperJ. E.Bio1895 H617
ClapperJ. K.Bio1895 H612
ClapperJ. K.Portrait1895 H614
ClapperJ. K., Mrs.Portrait1895 H615
ClarkA. F.Bio1895 H617, 822
ClarkA. F.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 61878 A77
ClarkC.Bio1895 H905
ClarkColonel Geo. R. Illustration1886 H53
ClarkCyrusBio1878 A36 1/4
ClarkCyrus Bio1886 H548
ClarkCyrus, and WifePortrait1878 A31
ClarkD. C.Bio1895 H618
ClarkDavid C.Bio1913 H691
ClarkDavid F.Photo & Bio1903 A36
ClarkF. M.Bio1878 A29
ClarkF. M.Lithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 311878 A93
ClarkFrancis M.Bio1913 H719
ClarkJ.Bio1895 H619
ClarkJ. I.Bio1895 H619
ClarkJ. K. Bio1886 H748
ClarkJ. M. Bio1886 H444
ClarkJ. P. Bio1886 H711
ClarkJeromeBio1903 A42
ClarkM.Bio1895 H620
ClarkM. D., N. W.Bio1913 H862
ClarkM. L.Bio1895 H621
ClarkR. C.Bio1895 H604
ClarkRussell B.Bio1913 H684
ClarkStephen S.Bio1913 H690
ClarkW.Bio1895 H621
ClarkW. D. Bio1886 H801
ClarkW. N.Bio1895 H621
ClaybaughHon. J., Bio1913 H201, 367
ClaybaughHon. JosephPhoto1913 H366c
ClaybaughHon. JosephPhoto & Bio1903 A33
ClaybaughJ.Portrait1878 A24
ClaybaughJoseph Bio1886 H421
ClendenningA. J. Bio1886 H712
ClendenningArthur J.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 311878 A73
ClendenningJohnBio1878 A31 1/4
Cleveland & Palmer Handle Co.nullBio1903 A42
ClewellHattie (see Ferrier, Hattie)Photo & Bio1903 A38
CoapstickA. H. Bio1886 H876
CoapstickJ. H.Bio1895 H622
CoapstickS.Bio1895 H622
CoapstickSamuelBio1913 H644
CobleA. H. Bio1886 H445
CochranAaronBio1913 H821
CochranAlbertBio1913 H890
CochranHarrison W.Bio1913 H821
CoffmanMichaelPhoto & Bio1903 A39
CoheeA.Bio1895 H623
CoheeAddison F.Bio1913 H795
CoheeBenjaminBio1913 H796
CoheeHezekiah Bio1886 H549
CoheeJ. D. Bio1886 H550
CoheeS. C.Bio1895 H623
CoheeSamuel C.Bio1913 H572
CoheeWilson Bio1886 H550
CoinMartinBio1913 H487
CoinMrs. FrancesBio1913 H487
ColbyW. A. Bio1886 H552
ColdwellS. C. Bio1886 H777
ColeJ. W. Bio1886 H906
CollinsG. W.Bio1895 H624
CombsHon. JosephBio1913 H201, 384
CombsHon. JosephPhoto1913 H384b
CombsJohnBio1913 H802
CombsJohnBio1913 H802
CombsJohn E.Bio1913 H480
CombsJohn E. and wifePhoto1913 H480b
CombsN. B.Bio1913 H385
CombsN. B.Bio1913 H385
CombsWilliam B., Bio1913 H489, 802, 915
CombsWilliam B., Bio1913 H489, 802, 915
CombsWm. B.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 211878 A69
CombsWm. H.Bio1878 A31 1/4
ComlyW. M. Bio1886 H552
ComlyWm. M.Bio1903 A42
ComlyWm. M. (Full Page Undertaker Ad)Photo & Bio1903 A40
Comly & Gaddis StorenullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A53
CongletonMrs. AnnaBio1903 A42
CookIsaac Bio1886 H553
CookJacobBio1913 H493
CookJacobBio1913 H493
CookJohn D.Bio1913 H493
CookJohn D.Bio1913 H493
CoonrodDavidBio1903 A42
CoonsFrank P.Photo & Bio1903 A33
CooperA. L.Bio1895 H626
CooperJ.Bio1895 H625, 626
CooperJ. N.Bio1895 H625
CooperJ. N. Bio1886 H854
CooperM. D., Wilson T.Bio1913 H573
CooperM. D., Wilson T.Bio1913 H573
CooperW. E. Bio1886 H446
CooperW. T. Bio1886 H446
CosnerJ.Bio1895 H627
CosnerN. W.Bio1895 H627
CosnerW.Bio1895 H627
CoulterD. A.Bio1913 H372
CoulterD. A.Bio1913 H372
CoulterJ. W.Bio1913 H368
CoulterJ. W.Bio1913 H368
Coulter HousenullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A58
County Asylum for The PoornullLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 21878 A38
Court HousenullPhoto1913 H120b
Court House and JailnullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A38
CovelyD.Bio1895 H628
CovelyDavidBio1913 H794
CovelyF. G.Bio1895 H628
CovelyFrancis G.Bio1913 H794
CovelyFrancis G.Bio1913 H794
CowanJudge John MaxwellBio1913 H197
CoxDr. Timothy B.Bio1913 H212
CoxDr. Timothy B.Bio1913 H212
CoxLincolnBio1913 H580
CoxLincolnPhoto & Bio1903 A35
CoxLouisaPhoto & Bio1903 A35
CoxT. B.Bio1895 H903
CoxW.Bio1895 H822
CoxWalter E.Bio1913 H581
CoynerJ.Bio1895 H629
CoynerJacob Bio1886 H803
CoynerM.Bio1895 H629
CoynerMartin Bio1886 H803
CoynerOrlando Farm Residence (photograph of home)Photo & Bio1903 A39
CripeD. E.Bio1895 H630
CripeD. E.Portrait1895 H631
CripeD. E. Bio1886 H447
CripeI.Bio1895 H630
CripeJ.Bio1895 H630
CripeJemima (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
CripeL. E.Bio1895 H841
CripeNate (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
CrissenberryJ. T. Bio1886 H749
CrouseAlice C. (see Miller, Alice C.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
CrouseHiram B.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 121878 A82
CrullJohn H.Bio1913 H455
CrullJohn H.Bio1913 H455
CrullJr., W. J.Bio1913 H467
CrullJr., W. J.Bio1913 H467
CrullSr., W. J.Bio1913 H467
CrullSr., W. J.Bio1913 H467
CrullW.Bio1895 H567
CrullW. J.Photo & Bio1903 A34
CrullW. J. Bio1886 H905
CrullWilliam J.Bio1913 H455
CrullWilliam J.Bio1913 H455
CrumJohn H.Bio1913 H616
CrumJohn H.Bio1913 H616
CrumJohn H. and wifePhoto1913 H616b
CrumWm. M.Bio1913 H616
CrumWm. M.Bio1913 H616
CueI. M.Bio1913 H413
CueI. M. –Bio1913 H413
CunninghamA. G. and wifePhoto1913 H744b
CunninghamAlexander G.Bio1913 H744
CunninghamAlexander G.Bio1913 H744
CunninghamW. R.Bio1895 H633
CunninghamWm.Bio1913 H744
CunninghamWm.Bio1913 H744
CurryJ.Bio1895 H635
CurtisC. P.Bio1895 H850
DailyJ. W.Bio1895 H634
DailyP.Bio1895 H634
DalbeyJ.Bio1895 H635
DalbeyR.Bio1895 H635
DalbeyT. C.Bio1895 H635
DanielsL. H.Bio1895 H636
DanielsL. H. Bio1886 H554
DanielsT. S.Bio1895 H636
DavisArchie R.Bio1913 H571
DavisC. A.Photo & Bio1903 A33
DavisC. A.Photo & Bio1903 A34
DavisCharles A.Bio1913 H463
DavisCharles S.Bio1913 H954
DavisF. R.Photo & Bio1903 A33
DavisFlorence V. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
DavisG. E. Bio1886 H618
DavisGeorgeBio1913 H517
DavisH.Bio1895 H642
DavisHamilton Bio1886 H749
DavisHueston Bio1886 H618
DavisJ.Bio1895 H641
DavisJ. A. Bio1886 H619
DavisJoelBio1913 H517
DavisJoelLithographic ViewPerry Township, Sec 321878 A58
DavisJohn &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
DavisJohn J.Bio1913 H519
DavisJohn J.Photo & Bio1903 A34
DavisLeona S. deceasedPhoto1913 H528b
DavisM. P.Bio1895 H642
DavisM. P.Portrait1895 H643
DavisM. P. Bio1886 H619
DavisM. P., Mrs.Portrait1895 H643
DavisN. C.Bio1895 H640
DavisN. C. Bio1886 H448
DavisOrace C.Bio1913 H931
DavisPeterBio1913 H528
DavisPeterPhoto1913 H528b
DavisS. M.Bio1895 H645
DavisS. M. Bio1886 H620
DavisW.Bio1895 H641
DavisW. B.Bio1895 H640
DavisW. L.Photo & Bio1903 A34
DavisWilliam LadenBio1913 H519
DavisWm.Bio1913 H463
DavisonJr., WilliamBio1913 H784
DavisonS. N.Bio1895 H645
DavisonS. N. and familyPhoto1913 H784b
DavisonSamuel N.Bio1913 H784
DavisonW.Bio1895 H645
DayCatherine E.Bio1913 H583
DealD.Bio1895 H646
DealW. H.Bio1895 H646
DeanAlvisBio1913 H642
DeanRobartisBio1913 H642
DearthJohn P.Portrait1878 A31
DearthW. L. Bio1886 H555
DeathJohn P.Bio1878 A36
Deming-Thompson Lumber and Elevator Co.nullBio1903 A42
DennisAlbert T.Bio1913 H713
DennisBenj.Bio1913 H713
DetrickJ. S.Bio1895 H647
DetrickP.Bio1895 H647
DieterCyrusBio1913 H810
DieterJamesBio1913 H810
DornerP.Bio1895 H656
DotyG.Bio1895 H654
DotyRilePhoto & Bio1903 A36
DotyW.Bio1895 H654
DouglasB. F. Bio1886 H556
DouglasI. W. Bio1886 H449
DouglassF.Bio1895 H657
DouglassI. W.Bio1895 H658
DouglassI. W.Portrait1895 H659
DouglassJ.Bio1895 H656, 658
DouglassJacksonBio1878 A31 1/2
DouglassJacksonPortrait1878 A23
DouglassS.Bio1895 H656
DouglassSamuelBio1878 A31 1/2
DouglassSamuelPortrait1878 A26
DowE.Bio1895 H903
DowE. P. Bio1886 H877
DoyalJ.Bio1895 H652
DoyalJ. W.Bio1895 H652
DoyalR. N.Bio1895 H654
DoyalS. H.Bio1878 A33
DoyalS. H.Bio1895 H651
DoyalS. H.Portrait1878 A25
DoyalS. H.Portrait1895 H650
Doyal. Judge Samuel H.nullBio1913 H200
DrumhellerC. K.Bio1895 H663
DrumhellerG. N.Bio1895 H663
DukesEllen J.Photo & Bio1903 A35
DukesEverett M.Photo & Bio1903 A35
DunbarW. T. Bio1886 H805
Dunbar. J. W.nullBio1913 H518
DunkJohn W.Bio1903 A42
DunkJohn W.Bio1913 H977
DunnA. Z.Bio1895 H662
DunnB. E. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnBuford (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnBurton (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnG. W.Bio1895 H661
DunnGeorge W.Bio1913 H673
DunnGeorgia (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnIda L. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnIsola (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnJ.Bio1895 H661
DunnJ. G.Bio1895 H662
DunnJosephBio1913 H673
DunnResidence (photograph of house/farm)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnRobt. F.Bio1913 H682
DunnThelma (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A37
DunnW. L.Bio1895 H662
DunnW. P. Bio1886 H449
DunnWilliam A.Bio1913 H577
DunnZ.Bio1895 H662
DunnZethBio1913 H577
DunningtonE. M.Bio1895 H669
DunningtonH. D.Bio1895 H664
DunningtonW.Bio1895 H664
DurbinThomas Bio1886 H637
EarhartA. J., Residence and WarehouseLithographic ViewMadison Township, Mulberry1878 A78
EarhartA. L. S.Bio1895 H670
EarhartA. L. S.Portrait1895 H671
EarhartDr. I. S.Bio1913 H801
EarhartE., Mrs.Portrait1895 H667
EarhartG.Bio1895 H669
EarhartGeo.Bio1878 A31 1/4
EarhartGeorge (deceased)Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 211878 A78
EarhartI. S. Bio1886 H469
EarhartMrs. S. S.Photo & Bio1903 A36
EarhartS. S.Bio1895 H669
EarhartS. S.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 211878 A78
EarhartS. S.Photo & Bio1903 A36
EarhartS. S.Portrait1895 H666
EarhartS. S. Bio1886 H713
EarhartSusanahLithographic ViewMadison Township, Mulberry1878 A78
EarlJoseph ThomasBio1913 H670
EarlThomasBio1913 H670
Early Explorers of Ind. Ter.nullIllustration1886 H25
Eat Clinton StreetFrankfortPhoto1913 H288b
Edmonds. W.Bio1913 H374
EdmondsA.Bio1895 H673
EdmondsA.Bio1913 H375
EdmondsO. W.Bio1895 H673
EdmondsR. J.Bio1895 H673
Ehresman & SonLivery and Sales StableBio1903 A42
EldridgeH. C. Bio1886 H557
ElliottFrank B.Bio1913 H536
ElliottFrank B.Photo1913 H536b
ElliottJames R.Bio1913 H536
ElmoreW. J.Bio1903 A42
ElyJ.Bio1895 H571
EngleS. S.Bio1895 H674
EngleW.Bio1895 H674
EngleW. H.Bio1903 A42
EnrightJohn Bio1886 H829
Entrance to Fair GroundsnullPhoto1913 H242b
ErbIda J. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
ErbJohn M. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
ErdelGeorge, Jr.Bio1886 H831
ErmentroutCharles A.Bio1913 H471
ErmentroutJoseph H.Bio1913 H471
EwingG. W. Bio1886 H832
EwingLeander Bio1886 H450
EwingThomas Bio1886 H805
FarberB. F.Bio1895 H679
FarberC. S.Bio1895 H679
FarberJ. C.Bio1895 H679
Fatzinger & BoganElevator and Grain DealersBio1903 A42
FearJ.H. & Co.Bio1903 A42
FearnowCharles L.Bio1913 H578
FearnowHarrisonBio1913 H578
FeeserH.Bio1895 H675
FeeserJ.Bio1895 H675
FennellC. E.Bio1895 H675
FennellCharles E.Bio1913 H892
FennellShaw & Co.Bio1895 H675
FerrierHattie (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
FerrierJ. C. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
FickleAlvin T.Bio1903 A42
FickleAlvin T.Bio1913 H920
FickleCharles R.Bio1913 H917
FickleClarence V.Bio1913 H534
FickleFloyd S.Bio1913 H786
FickleIsaacLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 61878 A75
FickleIsaac Bio1886 H907
FickleJamesLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 9 & 171878 A75
FickleJoseph E.Bio1913 H531
FickleM. R.Bio1878 A31 1/4
FickleMcClellenBio1913 H971
FicklePhoebe A.Photo & Bio1903 A38
FickleRobertBio1913 H534
FickleSamuel G.Bio1913 H472
FickleSamuel G. and familyPhoto1913 H472b
FickleStewart G.Bio1913 H473
FickleWilliamBio1913 H909
FickleWilliamPhoto & Bio1903 A38
FickleWilliam B.Bio1913 H918
FickleWm.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 301878 A69
FieldWilliam A.Bio1913 H886
FinneyJ. W. Bio1886 H621
First National BanknullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A53
FisherCharles W.Bio1913 H940
FisherDavid Bio1886 H605
FisherJ.Bio1895 H675
FisherJ. J. Bio1886 H451
FisherS. B.Bio1895 H675
FisherS. B. Bio1886 H451
FisherS. B. Illustration1886 H451
FisherS. B., and WifePortrait1878 A82
FisherS. B., Residence and OfficeLithographic ViewRoss Township, Rossville1878 A82
FisherS. P. Bio1886 H558
FisherSamuel P.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A47
FisherSamuel P.Portrait1878 A30
FletcherJames M.Bio1913 H588
FletcherThomas B.Bio1913 H589
FloydE. R.Bio1895 H677
ForemanHenryBio1913 H736
ForemanJosephBio1913 H736
ForemanJoseph and wifePhoto1913 H736b
FowlerF.Bio1913 H396
FowlerG. Y.Bio1895 H678
FowlerG. Y.Bio1913 H394
FowlerG. Y.Photo & Bio1903 A34
FowlerG. Y. Bio1886 H404
Frankfort 1868nullPhoto1913 H80b
Frankfort High SchoolnullPhoto1913 H280b
FrazeeT. B.Bio1903 A42
FrazierAbram C.Bio1913 H926
FrazierJ. L.Bio1903 A42
FrazierM. C. Bio1886 H670
FreasAmanda E. deceasedPhoto1913 H760c
FreasH. E.Photo1913 H760d
FreasHarveyBio1913 H762
FreasJ.Bio1895 H628
FreasJohnBio1913 H760
FreasJr., Wm.Bio1913 H761
FreasSr., Wm.Bio1913 H760
FreasWilliam Sr.Photo1913 H760c
FriedrickSamuel R.Bio1913 H927
FriendBerlie E.Bio1913 H645
FriendJ. S.Bio1895 H677
FriendL. R. Bio1886 H621
FriendLeonardBio1913 H645
FriendP. I.Bio1895 H677
FryeJohn B.Bio1913 H709
FryeJohn O.Bio1913 H709
FudgeD.Bio1895 H793
FudgeMoses Bio1886 H743
GableF. M. Bio1886 H833
GangwerFrank P.Photo & Bio1903 A39
GangwerGeorge Bio1886 H714
GangwerM.Bio1895 H680
GangwerMonroeBio1903 A42
GangwerMonroe Bio1886 H715
GangwerT.Bio1895 H680
GarberStephenBio1903 A42
GardDr. O.Portrait1895 H683
GardE. E. Bio1886 H877
GardJ.Bio1895 H681
GardJ.Bio1913 H379
GardJesse Bio1886 H559
GardO.Bio1895 H682
GardO.Bio1913 H379
GardOliverBio1878 A33
GardOliverLithographic ViewWarren Township, Middle Fork1878 A85
GardOliver Bio1886 H452
GardOliver, and WifePortrait1878 A85
GardP. W.Bio1878 A34
GardP. W.Bio1895 H681
GardP. W.Portrait1878 A25
GardP. W. Bio1886 H422
GardP. W. Illustration1886 H422
GardW.Bio1895 H682
GardW. S.Bio1895 H682
GaskellN. J. Bio1886 H561
GaskillN. J.Bio1895 H687
GaskillS.Bio1895 H687
GaskillW. F. P.Bio1895 H688
GaylorE.Bio1895 H688
GaylorE. H.Bio1895 H688
GehrsIda J. (see Erb, Ida J.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
GeigerF.Bio1895 H689
GeigerFredBio1903 A42
GeigerFrederick Bio1886 H833
GeigerJ.Bio1895 H689
GentryCharles C.Bio1913 H730
GentryDr. Z. B.Bio1913 H730
GentryW. A. Bio1886 H454
GeryC. F.Bio1913 H513
GeryH. L.Bio1913 H513
GhereAaronBio1878 A33
GhereAaronLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 241878 A67
GhereAaronLithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 191878 A67
GhereAaron, and FamilyPortrait1878 A67
GhereJesse B.Bio1913 H460
GhereJosephBio1913 H460
GhereRoy A.Bio1913 H418
GhereW. H.Bio1895 H690
GhereWilliam H.Bio1913 H419
GilbertD.Bio1895 H690
GillrieJames A.Bio1913 H693
GillrieThomas A.Bio1913 H693
GillumFlorence V. (see Davis, Florence V.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
GilmoreWilliam FtBio1913 H458
GoarE. J.Bio1895 H691
GoarE. J.Bio1903 A42
GoarJ.Bio1895 H691
GoarJ. M.Bio1895 H692
GoarJ. W.Bio1903 A42
GochenauerD.Bio1895 H693
GochenauerDavid Bio1886 H778
GochenauerL.Bio1895 H694
GochenauerW.Bio1895 H693
GochenourH.Bio1895 H694
GochenourIsaacPhoto & Bio1903 A38
GochenourJ.Bio1895 H694
GochenourMarie E.Photo & Bio1903 A38
GodronA. M. Bio1886 H877
GoffA.Bio1895 H695
GoffA. P.Bio1895 H695
GoffAmos P.Bio1903 A42
GoffCharles W.Bio1913 H565
GoffJonathan C.Bio1913 H565
GoldsberryF. M.Bio1895 H696
GoldsberryF. M.Bio1913 H512
GoldsberryF. M. Bio1886 H424
GoldsberryF. M. deceasedPhoto1913 H512b
GoldsberryM. B.Bio1895 H696
GoldsberrySadie E.Bio1913 H511
GoldsberrySadie E.Photo1913 H512b
GoodL. W. and FamilyPhoto1913 H576b
GoodLew WallaceBio1913 H576
GoodPhillip N.Bio1913 H576
GoodnightIsaacBio1913 H452
GoodnightR.Bio1895 H697
GoodnightW.Bio1895 H697
GordonRev. B. L. Bio1886 H878
GorhamB. H.Bio1895 H699
GorhamB. H.Photo & Bio1903 A35
GorhamG. L.Bio1895 H693
GorhamMary V.Photo & Bio1903 A35
GorhamP. T.Bio1895 H693
GorhamR. C.Photo & Bio1903 A35
GormanJ. U.Portrait1878 A24
GormanJames U.Bio1878 A34
GossardFrankBio1913 H586
GossardJacobBio1913 H586
GrayBayardPhoto & Bio1903 A36
GrayJ. M. Bio1886 H879
GrayJoseph P.Photo & Bio1903 A34
GreggC.Bio1895 H863
GreggJ.Bio1895 H700
GreggJ. T.Bio1895 H700
GriceEli M.Bio1913 H496
GriceEli M. and wifePhoto1913 H496b
GriceMrs. Emma McBrideBio1913 H496
GriffithThorntonBio1913 H849
Groups of Old SettlersnullPortrait1895 H796, 797, 836, 837
GroveJacobBio1913 H736
GroveJames A.Bio1913 H735
GroverJames H.Photo & Bio1903 A34
GuentherC. G.Bio1895 H701
GuentherC. H. W.Bio1895 H701
GumJohn I.Bio1913 H728
GumJohn I. and wifePhoto1913 H728b
HackerdJosephBio1913 H921
HaggardClara Belle (see Bozworth, Clara Bell)Photo & Bio1903 A38
HaleJohnBio1903 A42
HaleMarshelBio1903 A42
HallJ. B.Bio1895 H705
HallN.Bio1895 H705
HallidayG. D. Bio1886 H561
HallidayS. B. Bio1886 H622
HalsteadG. W.Bio1895 H702
HalsteadH.Bio1895 H702
HamiltonA.Bio1895 H706
HamiltonA. H.Bio1895 H707
HamiltonF. J.Bio1878 A31 1/2
HamiltonFrancis Bio1886 H834
HamiltonFrancis J.Bio1903 A42
HamiltonFrancis J.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 181878 A79
HamiltonG. H. Bio1886 H404
HamiltonH. R.Bio1895 H706
HamiltonH. R. Bio1886 H908
HamiltonH. R. Illustration1886 H908
HamiltonHugh R.Photo & Bio1903 A35
HamiltonS.Bio1895 H706
HamiltonT. M.Bio1895 H707
HammondJ. W. Bio1886 H562
HaneCyrus M.Bio1913 H597
HaneCyrus M.Photo & Bio1903 A36
HarbaughG. C.Bio1895 H702
HarbaughG. C.Portrait1895 H703
HarbaughW. G.Bio1895 H702
HardestyO.Bio1895 H655
HardingJ. A. and wifePhoto1913 H552b
HardingJohn A.Bio1913 H552
HardingSamuelBio1903 A42
HardingSamuelBio1913 H552
HardingSamuel Bio1886 H672
HardlandJ. W., Jr.Bio1886 H425
HardyCharles.Bio1913 H526
HardyV. B.Photo & Bio1903 A34
HardyVesper B.Bio1913 H526
HarlandA. J. Bio1886 H835
HarlandAmos P.Bio1913 H608
HarlandJ. W. Bio1886 H563
HarlandJames M.Bio1913 H608
HarmonLydia S. (see Unger, Lydia S.)Photo & Bio1903 A39
HarnsbergerP. A. Bio1886 H750
HarrisJ. W. Bio1886 H806
HarrymanElizabethLithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 351878 A93
HarshmanAlonzo E.Bio1913 H945
HarshmanEdgar &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
HarshmanEdgar McC.Bio1913 H765
HarshmanEdgar Residence (photograph of farm/farmers)Photo & Bio1903 A39
HarshmanEnos Bio1886 H808
HarshmanFrankBio1913 H789
HarshmanHenryBio1913 H435
HarshmanHenry C.Bio1913 H789
HarshmanHowardBio1913 H433
HarshmanHowardPhoto & Bio1903 A34
HarshmanMartin V. B.Bio1913 H434
HarshmanMosesBio1913 H424
HarshmanMosesLithographic ViewWashington Township, Jefferson1878 A59
HarshmanTaylorBio1903 A42
HarshmanTaylorBio1913 H424
HarshmanTaylorLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 11 & 141878 A59
HarshmanTaylor and FamilyPhoto1913 H424b
HartJ. G. Bio1886 H672
HartJohn Wm.Bio1913 H591
HartM. D. Milo F.Bio1913 H939
HartMurrayBio1913 H948
HartzogS. C. Bio1886 H564
HarveyL. W.Bio1913 H383
HaseltonH. J.Bio1903 A42
HaydenB. F. Bio1886 H809
HaysJ. M. Bio1886 H836
HaysJ. S. Bio1886 H837
HaywoodJ.Bio1895 H797
HeatonA. J.Bio1895 H901
HeatonAlfredBio1913 H551
HeatonDavidBio1913 H676
HeatonRobert V.Bio1913 H551
HeatonW. I.Bio1913 H676
HeavilonAmos Bio1886 H909
HeavilonJ.Bio1895 H708
HeavilonJosephBio1913 H769
HeavilonJoseph Bio1886 H911
HeavilonOran P.Bio1913 H848
HeavilonT.Bio1895 H708
HeavilonTaylorBio1913 H769
HeavilonTaylor Bio1886 H912
HedcockJ. A.Portrait1895 H711
HedgcockJ. A.Bio1895 H710
HedgcockJ. A.Bio1895 H710
HedgcockJ. A. Bio1886 H565
HedgcockJ. S. Bio1886 H751
HedgcockJ. W.Bio1895 H713
HeichertL. V. Bio1886 H565
HeinesleyElizaPhoto & Bio1903 A38
HeinesleyNathaniel S.Photo & Bio1903 A38
HendricksF. M. and wifePhoto1913 H432b
HendricksFrancis M.Bio1913 H432
HendricksFrancis M.Photo & Bio1903 A37
HendricksHattiePhoto & Bio1903 A37
HendricksJ. M. R.Bio1913 H750
HendricksJohnBio1903 A42
HendricksMorris GlenPhoto & Bio1903 A37
HendricksNathanBio1913 H432
HendricksNathan Bio1886 H673
HendricksResidence (photograph of house & windmill)Photo & Bio1903 A37
HendricksSamuel Bio1886 H880
HendricksWilliam C.Bio1913 H523
HendricksWilliam G.Bio1913 H523
HendricksonOla E. (see Irby, Ola E.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
HengstJohn L.Bio1913 H914
HerrMartinBio1913 H837
HerrMaud (see Waldron, Maud)Photo & Bio1903 A38
HertzAaronBio1913 H715
HertzMauriceBio1913 H715
HesserJ. A. Bio1886 H675
HiattA. L.Bio1895 H714
HiattC.Bio1895 H714
HiattC. T.Bio1895 H714
HiattC. T. Bio1886 H751
Hieroglyphics of the Mound BuildersnullIllustration1886 H29
HigginbothamB. K.Portrait1878 A25
HillD. T.Bio1895 H718
HillJ.Bio1895 H717
HillJ.Portrait1895 H716
HillJames B.Bio1913 H655
HillT.Bio1895 H717
HillW. C.Bio1895 H718
HillisA.Bio1895 H723
HillisB. F.Bio1895 H723
HillisC. H.Bio1913 H416
HillisChalmers H.Photo1913 H416b
HillisJ. E.Bio1913 H408
HillisJoseph E.Photo1913 H408b
HillisMrs. Jennie E. __Bio1913 H409
HindsFrank M.Bio1913 H495
HindsH. L., Mrs.Portrait1895 H721
HindsJ.Bio1895 H723
HindsJ.Portrait1895 H720
HindsJesseBio1913 H495
HindsS.Bio1895 H723
HinebergerJosephBio1913 H761
HinesW.Bio1895 H724
HinesW. R.Bio1895 H724
HinesW. R.Portrait1895 H725
HinesW. R. Bio1886 H425
HinesWm.Bio1878 A34
HinesWm.Portrait1878 A25
HintonGeorge B.Bio1913 H960
HochstetlerJohn C.Bio1903 A42
HockmanJ. T. Bio1886 H427
HockmanJames L.Portrait1878 A48
HodgeJohnBio1878 A29
HodgeJohnLithographic ViewJackson Township, Kirklin1878 A97
HodgeMary V. (see Gorham, Mary V.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
Hodge & HinkleMillLithographic ViewJackson Township, Kirklin1878 A97
HodgenA. H. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
HodgenIda B. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
HodgenJ.Bio1895 H728
HodgenJacobBio1913 H707
HodgenW.Bio1895 H728
Hoke Manufacturing CompanynullBio1903 A42
HoldrigeThos. J.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A53
HollcraftAbraham Bio1886 H677
HollcraftAbraham Illustration1886 H677
HollcrattA.Bio1895 H730
HollcrattA.Portrait1895 H730, 731
HollcrattA., Mrs.Portrait1895 H730, 731
HollcrattJ.Bio1895 H730
HollenbeckWm.Lithographic ViewPerry Township, Sec 301878 A58
HollowayJefferson P.Bio1913 H446
HollowayThomasBio1913 H446
HolmesH. D.Bio1895 H729
HolmesJ. M.Bio1895 H729
HolmesT. P.Portrait1878 A31
HolmesW. A. T.Portrait1878 A23
HoodJ.Bio1895 H559
HooverEnosBio1913 H278
HooverS. A.Bio1895 H731
HordemanRev. W. B.Bio1913 H769
HorlacherD.Bio1895 H745
HorlacherD.Portrait1895 H748
HorlacherD., Mrs.Portrait1895 H749
HorlacherDavidBio1903 A42
HorlacherDavid B.Bio1913 H759
HorlacherJames L.Bio1913 H762
HorlacherL.Bio1895 H745
HorlacherLee C.Bio1913 H943
HornF.Bio1895 H732
HornI.Bio1895 H732
HornadayW. H. Bio1886 H455
HoweMilo A.Bio1903 A42
HoweWm. M.Bio1903 A42
HuffA. J. Bio1886 H566
HuffineW. A. Bio1886 H678
HumbleP.Bio1895 H733
HumbleW. A.Bio1895 H733
Hunting Prairie WolvesnullIllustration1886 H191
HutchinsonCallie M. (See Spray, Callie M.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
Indiana Lighting Co.nullBio1913 H947
Indians Attacking FrontiersmennullIllustration1886 H43
IrbyJohn A. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
IrbyOla E. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
IrbyS. P.Bio1895 H734
IrbyW. R.Bio1895 H734
IrwinAllenBio1913 H605
IrwinH. S.Bio1903 A42
IrwinI. N.Bio1913 H401
IrwinJ. L. Bio1886 H637
IrwinJ. N. Bio1886 H679
IrwinR. S.Bio1895 H735
IrwinR. S.Bio1913 H402
IrwinR. S. Bio1886 H638
IrwinR. W.Bio1895 H736
IrwinRobt. H.Bio1913 H605
IrwinS.Bio1895 H735
IrwinSamuel RichardBio1913 H906
JacksonHenry ClayBio1913 H514
JacksonJohnBio1913 H514
JacksonW.Bio1895 H736
JacksonW. L.Bio1895 H736
JacobsLeander Bio1886 H913
JacobyJonathanBio1878 A31 1/2
JacobyJonathanLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 111878 A83
JacobyMosesLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 91878 A79
JacobyMoses Bio1886 H715
JacobyMoses, and WifePortrait1878 A79
JacobyNathan T.Bio1913 H701
JacobyPeterBio1913 H701
JacobyWilliam Bio1886 H716
JanuaryE.Bio1895 H897
JarrellKosciuskoBio1913 H567
JarrellKosciusko deceasedPhoto1913 H566c
JarrellWilliamBio1913 H568
JeffersonnullPhoto1913 H80b
JenkinsH.Bio1895 H738
JenkinsJ. M. Bio1886 H638
JenkinsW. G.Bio1895 H738
JohnsonAlbert T.Bio1913 H683
JohnsonDavid Bio1886 H605
JohnsonE. H. Bio1886 H810
JohnsonElishaBio1913 H694
JohnsonExumBio1913 H694
JohnsonH. C.Bio1895 H738
JohnsonJ.Bio1895 H739
JohnsonJ. S. Bio1886 H606
JohnsonL. F. Bio1886 H811
JohnsonP. S. Bio1886 H606
JohnsonR. A.Bio1903 A42
JohnsonRobt. C.Bio1913 H683
JohnsonW. F.Bio1895 H739
Johnson & KerricknullBio1895 H739
JonesA. L.Bio1895 H860
JonesE. P.Bio1913 H598
JonesEliza (see Heinesley, Eliza)Photo & Bio1903 A38
JonesThomasBio1913 H639
JonesUriahBio1913 H639
JordanW. N. Bio1886 H717
JuliusMarie K. (see Pritsch, Marie K.)Photo & Bio1903 A39
KainathJ.Bio1895 H629
KalinerMatthewBio1913 H468
KallnerJohn J.Bio1913 H468
KeedyH.Bio1895 H740
KeedyH. J.Bio1895 H740
KeedyW. H.Bio1895 H741
KeeverDouglas S.Bio1913 H666
KeeverHenryBio1913 H666
KelleyJohn R.Bio1878 A36 1/4
KelleyJohn R., Sr.Portrait1878 A23
KelleyWilliam Bio1886 H752
KellyD.Bio1895 H741
KellyGeorge W.Bio1913 H934
KellyJ.Bio1895 H741
KellyMrs. Wm (possibly his mother)Photo & Bio1903 A38
KellyW.Bio1895 H742
KellyWm.Photo & Bio1903 A38
KempfA.Bio1895 H742
KempfA. B.Bio1895 H743
KempfG. L.Bio1895 H742
KempfW. L.Bio1895 H743
KennedyDavidBio1913 H520
KennedyDavid D.Bio1913 H505
KennedyFred P.Bio1913 H520
KennedyFred P.Photo1913 H520b
KennedyWm. M.Bio1913 H506
KentA.Bio1895 H744
KentG. A.Bio1895 H744
KentHon. J. V.Portrait1878 A25
KentJ. V.Bio1878 A35
KentJ. V.Bio1895 H744
KentJ. V.Bio1903 A42
KentJ. V. Bio1886 H428
KentJudge James V.Bio1913 H201
KentM. D., John A.Bio1913 H842
KentWilliamBio1913 H842
KernA. D.Bio1913 H555
KernA. M.Bio1903 A42
KernBertBio1913 H554
KerrickL. H.Bio1895 H740
KestersonThomasBio1913 H559
KestersonWilliam H.Bio1913 H558
KeyesJ.Bio1895 H746
KeyesJ. S.Bio1895 H746
KeyesJ. W.Bio1895 H751
KeyesT. P.Bio1895 H751
KeyesW. L.Bio1895 H751
KeysT. P. Bio1886 H566
KillianD. D. S., A. R.Bio1913 H879
KimmelC.Bio1895 H752
KimmelD. J.Bio1895 H752
KinderRev. John Bio1886 H639
KingJ. C. Bio1886 H680
KingJ. W. Bio1886 H681
KingJames Bio1886 H680
KingW.Bio1895 H692
KlopferA. J.Bio1895 H753
KnabeF. EmilBio1913 H464
KnabeF. EmilPhoto1913 H464b
KnappG. D. Bio1886 H881
KnappGeorge B. Mc.Bio1913 H439
KnappS. O.Bio1895 H753
KramerEdward Bio1886 H568
KramerFrederickBio1913 H717
KramerW. B. and L. N. Bio1886 H569
KramerW. B. Sr.Bio1895 H754
KramerWilliam B.Bio1913 H716
Kramer Bros.Planing Mill and LumberBio1903 A42
KrammesArtiePhoto & Bio1903 A38
KrammesWm. AlbertPhoto & Bio1903 A38
KreisherDaniel Bio1886 H838
KreisherS. H. Bio1886 H753
KresselH.Bio1895 H755
KresselJ.Bio1895 H755
KressleyH.Bio1895 H756
KressleyO.Bio1895 H756
KrygerSamuel Bio1886 H606
KuhnsH.Bio1895 H758
KuhnsPeter J.Bio1913 H866
KuhnsPhaonBio1913 H874
KuhnsS.Bio1895 H758
KuhnsSamuelBio1913 H865
KygerG.Bio1895 H757
KygerIraBio1878 A32
KygerIraLithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 301878 A66
KygerJamesLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 331878 A77
KygerS.Bio1895 H757
KygerSamuelBio1878 A33
KygerSamuelLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 251878 A63
KygerSamuel, and FamilyPortrait1878 A63
LackeyE.Bio1895 H763
LackeyI. H.Bio1895 H764
LambertM. D., I. C.Bio1913 H884
LamphierF. A.Bio1895 H763
LamphierF. R.Portrait1895 H760
LamphierF. R., Mrs.Portrait1895 H761
LamphierR.Bio1895 H763
LanamJ.Bio1895 H764
LanamMary JanePhoto & Bio1903 A38
LanamW.Bio1895 H764
LanamWm.Photo & Bio1903 A38
LaneB. W.Bio1895 H766
LaneEdgar W.Bio1913 H839
LaneJ.Bio1895 H767
LaneJesseBio1913 H782
LaneJesse Bio1886 H813
LaneJudge JosephBio1913 H782
LaneRalph.Bio1913 H782
LaneW. A.Bio1895 H766
LanumDavidBio1913 H967
LanumDavid Bio1886 H814
LarkinJ.Bio1895 H708
LatshawAaron Bio1886 H839
LauchnerHenry H.Bio1913 H630
LauchnerJamesBio1913 H631
LawsonJ. W. Bio1886 H570
LaymanRev. John Bio1886 H754
LaytonWilliam J.Bio1913 H925
LeaderDavid F.Bio1913 H494
LeaderWm. J.Bio1913 H494
LechlitnerDavid Bio1886 H717
LecklitnerDaniel, Sr.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 181878 A79
LecklitnerMosesBio1913 H871
LeeG. R.Bio1895 H732
LeeWm. H.Bio1903 A42
LeisureA.Bio1895 H768
LeisureAdam Bio1886 H570
LewisJosiahBio1878 A31 1/2
LewisJosiahLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 181878 A80
LippJohn Bio1886 H755
LittletonA. C.Bio1903 A42
LittletonA. C. Bio1886 H856
LittletonJames Bio1886 H856
LockeM. D., Frederick C.Bio1913 H861
LoftinJohn Bio1886 H456
LoganCol. Newton A.Bio1913 H819
LoganN. A. Bio1886 H756
LongD.Bio1895 H770
LongN. A.Photo & Bio1903 A36
LongS. K.Bio1895 H770
LongfellowLouisa (see Cox, Louisa)Photo & Bio1903 A35
LouksJ. F. Bio1886 H857
LovelessDavid C.Bio1913 H955
LowdenWilliam Bio1886 H757
LowmanW. E.Photo & Bio1903 A35
LudingtonJ. F.Bio1895 H769
LudingtonS.Bio1895 H769
LutzJ.Bio1895 H651
LydickG.Bio1895 H710
LynchJ. W.Bio1913 H688
LynchJames A. G.Bio1913 H688
LynchJason A. G. and familyPhoto1913 H688b
LyonS.Bio1895 H775
LyonS. W.Bio1895 H775
LyonS. W. Bio1886 H640
LyonsS. W.Portrait1895 H772
LyonsS. W., Mrs.Portrait1895 H773
MabbitD. L. and wifePhoto1913 H560b
MabbitW. L. Bio1886 H778
MabbittDavid L.Bio1913 H560
MabbittW. L.Bio1913 H560
MabbittW. L.Lithographic ViewOwen Township, Sec 241878 A89
MabbittW. L., and WifePortrait1878 A89
MabbittWm. L.Bio1878 A32
MadisonC.Bio1895 H786
MadisonC. T.Bio1895 H786
MagillThomas Bio1886 H758
MaishAdaBio1913 H891
MaishD.Bio1895 H789
MaishD.Portrait1895 H788
MaishD. F.Bio1895 H793
MaishD. F.Bio1913 H832
MaishD. F.Photo1913 H832b
MaishD. Sr.Bio1895 H789
MaishDavidLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 131878 A40, 41
MaishDavidLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 221878 A43
MaishDavid, and FamilyPortrait1878 A40, 41
MaishFrederickBio1878 A35
MaishFrederickLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A43
MaishFrederick, and FamilyPortrait1878 A43
MaishFrederick, Jr.Lithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 221878 A43
MaishGeorgeLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 11878 A46
MaishGeroge, and WifePortrait1878 A46
MaishH.Bio1895 H792
MaishHenryBio1878 A33
MaishHenryLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 11878 A45
MaishHenry, and FamilyPortrait1878 A45
MaishJ.Bio1895 H791
MaishJ. W. Bio1886 H571
MaishJos.Bio1913 H832
MaishM.Bio1895 H791
MaishMathiasBio1878 A34
MaishMathiasLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 181878 A44
MaishMathias, and FamilyPortrait1878 A44
MaishMordecaiBio1913 H897
MaishMrs. D. F.Photo1913 H832b
MaishW. H.Bio1895 H792
MaishW. P.Bio1895 H794
MajorG. M. Bio1886 H640
MajorJohn Bio1886 H840
MajorJosiahLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 291878 A72
MajorJosiah Bio1886 H719
MajorThomas Bio1886 H641
MajorW. C.Bio1903 A42
ManloveJasper Bio1886 H401
MarshallC. A.Bio1903 A42
MartinDr. Ward J.Bio1913 H732
MartinHon. M. L.Portrait1878 A26
MartinJohn K.Bio1913 H732
MartinM. L.Bio1878 A36 1/4
MartinM. L. Bio1886 H456
MartzJ.Bio1895 H756
MartzJohnLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 221878 A77
MartzSolomonLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 161878 A72
MarvinEliBio1913 H428
MarvinJ. B.Bio1903 A42
MastersC.Bio1895 H794
MastersJ.Bio1895 H797
MastersT. W.Bio1895 H794
MastersT. W. Bio1886 H841
MastersThomas W.Bio1913 H972
MathewsJ. C. Bio1886 H682
MattixJohn H.Bio1913 H808
MattixJohn H.Photo1913 H808b
MattixRobertBio1878 A31 1/4
MattixRobertLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 151878 A77
MattixRobert Bio1886 H913
MattixRobt.Bio1913 H808
MattoxG. R. Bio1886 H913
MaxwellSamuel (deceased)Portrait1878 A30
McBrideJoseph A.Bio1913 H454
McBrideThomasBio1913 H454
McBrideW. T. Bio1886 H914
McCartyT. F. Bio1886 H571
McClamrochAbraham A.Bio1913 H951
McClamrochC. B.Bio1903 A42
McClamrochCharles B.Bio1913 H448
McClamrochCharles B.Photo1913 H448b
McClamrochHarry C.Bio1913 H895
McClamrochJamesBio1913 H425
McClamrochR.Bio1895 H776
McClamrochRobertBio1913 H448
McClamrochT.Bio1895 H776
McClamrockRobertLithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 111878 A99
McClellandDr. James S.-Bio1913 H211-212
McClurgHon. L.Portrait1878 A25
McClurgLeanderBio1878 A35
McClurgLeanderBio1913 H203
McClurgLeander Bio1886 H428
McComasF. P.Bio1913 H857
McConnellA.Bio1895 H897
McConnellA. I.Bio1895 H777
McConnellJ. L.Bio1895 H777
McDavisJ.Bio1895 H778
McDavisJamesBio1878 A31 1/2
McDavisJamesLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 231878 A72
McDavisJames Bio1886 H712
McDavisJames, and WifePortrait1878 A72
McDavisW.Bio1895 H778
McDoleOwenBio1913 H882
McDonaldJ. H.Bio1895 H791
McGilveryJas., Residence and Drug StoreLithographic ViewRoss Township, Rossville1878 A77
McGuireJ.Bio1895 H781
McGuireW. H.Bio1895 H781
McGuireW. H.Portrait1895 H780
McKenzeyNehemiah Bio1886 H641
McKenzeyU. C. Bio1886 H641
McKenzieA.Bio1895 H784
McKenzieD.Bio1895 H783
McKenzieDarius Bio1886 H683
McKenzieEthel M. (see McKinney, Ethel M.)Photo & Bio1903 A36
McKenzieR.Bio1895 H783
McKinneyAmanda E. (See Rector, Amanda E.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
McKinneyBert (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
McKinneyCharles W.Bio1913 H823
McKinneyEthel M. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
McKinneyJ. C. Bio1886 H858
McKinneyJ. W.Bio1903 A42
McKinneyJamesBio1913 H823
McKinneyMrs. MarthaPortrait1878 A99
McKinneyMrs. W. V. (deceased)Portrait1878 A99
McKinneyOscarBio1903 A42
McKinneyW. V.Bio1878 A32
McKinneyW. V.Lithographic ViewSugar Creek Township, Sec 331878 A99
McKinneyW. V.Portrait1878 A99
McKinneyW. V., Jr.Bio1886 H860
McKinneyW. V., Sr.Bio1886 H859
McKinseyEdwardBio1913 H766
McKinseyM. B.Bio1895 H782
McKinseyN.Bio1895 H782
McKinseyThomasBio1913 H767
McKinseyU. C.Lithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 251878 A97
McMathD. J. Bio1886 H861
McNuttJames K.Lithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 71878 A75
McPhersonByronBio1903 A42
McQuinnCharles E.Bio1913 H648
McQuinnCharles E. and familyPhoto1913 H648b
McQuinnE.Bio1895 H785
McQuinnJ.Bio1895 H786
McQuinnJ. T.Bio1895 H785
McQuinnJohn T.Bio1903 A42
McQuinnJohn T.Bio1913 H648
McQuinnOscarBio1903 A42
MeadHenry S.Bio1913 H698
MeadStephenBio1913 H698
MeekJared C.Bio1913 H421
MeekJeremiahBio1913 H421
MeekWilliam F.Bio1913 H421
MeifeldJ. B.Bio1895 H798
MeifeldJ. B.Bio1903 A42
MeifeldJ. G.Bio1895 H798
MeikelCharles P.Bio1913 H515
MeikelHarry A.Bio1913 H515
MendenhallA. L.Bio1895 H799
MendenhallC.Bio1895 H799
MeredithJ. W. Bio1886 H572
MeridithJ. W.Bio1895 H800
MeridithW. R.Bio1895 H800
MerrickDicey &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
MerrickG. W. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
MerrickJ.A.Bio1878 A34
MerrickJohnBio1878 A33
MerrickJohnBio1913 H662
MerrickJohnLithographic ViewWarren Township, Sec 311878 A85
MerrickJohnPortrait1878 A85
MerrickJohn A.Bio1913 H662
MerrickJohn A.Portrait1878 A24
MerrickJohn A. L.L.B. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
MerrickMrs. JohnPortrait1878 A85
MerrickMrs. Nancy (deceased)Portrait1878 A85
MerrickNancy J. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
MerrillG.Bio1895 H801
MerrillS. W.Bio1895 H801
MerrimanCameron L.Bio1913 H423
MerrimanJ. PaulBio1913 H423
MerritSamuel Bio1886 H652
MerrittA.Bio1895 H798
MerrittErasmus M.Bio1913 H824
MerrittErasmus M. deceasedPhoto1913 H824b
MerrittJ.Bio1895 H800
MerrittJ. H.Bio1895 H798
MerrittJohnBio1913 H826
MerrittJohn H.Bio1913 H904
MerrittL. C.Bio1895 H800
MerrittLawson C.Bio1913 H826
MerrittWalter S.Bio1913 H602
MerrittWilliamBio1913 H824
MesslerJ. W. Bio1886 H758
MesslerJames WLithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 321878 A65
MesslerJames W.Bio1878 A33
MesslerJames W., and FamilyPortrait1878 A65
MetcalfBetseyBio1913 H700
MetzgerJ. B. Bio1886 H842
MeyerCharles E.Bio1913 H974
MichaelW.Bio1895 H802
MilaniG. A.Bio1895 H807
MilbornJ. E. Bio1886 H457
MilburnJoseph EBio1878 A29
MilburnJoseph E.Portrait1878 A26
MillerA. J. Bio1886 H653
MillerAaron Bio1886 H721
MillerAlice C.Photo & Bio1903 A38
MillerC.Bio1895 H808
MillerE.Bio1895 H803
MillerGeorge H.Bio1913 H474
MillerJ.Bio1895 H803
MillerJ. S.Bio1895 H804
MillerJ. S. Bio1886 H779
MillerJacobBio1913 H507
MillerJohn Bio1886 H721
MillerJohn DavidBio1913 H507
MillerJosephBio1913 H508
MillerL.Bio1895 H809
MillerL. R. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
MillerMartha E. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
MillerMrs. ElizaLithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 231878 A97
MillerO. P.Lithographic ViewJackson Township, Sec 231878 A97
MillerO. S.Bio1895 H808
MillerRev. J. L. Bio1886 H688
MillerS.Bio1895 H804
MillerThos. L.Bio1878 A31 1/4
MillerThos. L.Lithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 321878 A73
MillerWilliam H.Bio1913 H876
MillerWm. H.Photo & Bio1903 A38
MillerWm. S.Bio1913 H851
MilnerDicey (see Merrick, Dicey)Photo & Bio1903 A38
MilroyWm. J.Photo & Bio1903 A34
MinerH. W. Bio1886 H573
MinerJ. H. Bio1886 H573
MitchellHarryBio1913 H905
MitchellJames M.Bio1913 H908
MitchellJas. W.Bio1913 H907
MitchellLeonidas Bio1886 H574
MohlerA.Bio1895 H809
MohlerH.Bio1895 H809
MohlerS.Bio1895 H809
MontgomeryWendell B.Bio1913 H755
MooreF. F. Bio1886 H431
MooreFrankBio1903 A42
MooreG. E.Bio1895 H810
MooreGeo. W.Bio1913 H477
MooreHamiltonBio1913 H844
MooreHenry M.Bio1913 H710
MooreJ.Bio1895 H810
MooreJ. W.Bio1895 H810
MooreJ. Z.Bio1895 H813
MooreJamesBio1913 H844
MooreJohn Bio1886 H642
MooreJohn P.Bio1913 H829
MooreJohn SmithBio1913 H798
MooreL. B.Photo1913 H752b
MooreL. BruceBio1913 H752
MooreMrs. Laurinda O.Bio1913 H477
MooreS. L.Bio1913 H829
MooreThomas Bio1886 H643
MooreW. W. Bio1886 H689
MooreWm.Bio1913 H711
MooreWm.Bio1913 H752
MooreZebBio1913 H798
MoorheadWm.Bio1878 A29
Moorheadwm.Portrait1878 A23
MorisonH. Y. Illustration1886 H431
MorrisJ.Bio1895 H604
MorrisRev. Geo. VanDeveerBio1913 H903
MorrisW. A.Bio1903 A42
MorrisW. A.Bio1913 H840
MorrisW. G. Bio1886 H575
MorrisWesleyBio1913 H953
MorrisonDr. Owen A. J.Bio1913 H657
MorrisonH. Y.Bio1895 H811
MorrisonH. Y. Bio1886 H431
MorrisonHenry Y.Bio1878 A35
MorrisonHenry Y.Portrait1878 A24
MorrisonHon. Henry Y.Bio1913 H738
MorrisonI.Bio1895 H811
MorrisonJamesBio1913 H658
MorrisonJames Bio1886 H881
MorrisonJames M.Bio1913 H739
MorrisonJames W.Bio1878 A35
MorrisonJames W.Portrait1878 A24
MorrisonM. A.Bio1895 H813
MorrisonO. A. J.Bio1895 H814
MorrisonO. A. J. Bio1886 H458
MorrisonO. A. J., Residence and StoreLithographic ViewWarren Township, Middle Fork1878 A87
MorrisonRev. M. S. Bio1886 H882
MorrisonSamuel A.Bio1913 H442
MossGeo. V.Photo & Bio1903 A33
MummertHenryBio1913 H628
MummertJacob A.Bio1913 H628
MundellAdam Bio1886 H643
MundellGeorgeBio1913 H603
MundellJamesBio1913 H603
MurphyA.Bio1895 H817
MurphyJ.Bio1895 H817
MuseF. C.Bio1895 H818
MushlitzF. A.Bio1895 H818
MushlitzM.Bio1895 H818
MyerElizabeth J. (see Wiles, Elizabeth J.)Photo & Bio1903 A35
MyersIsaiah Bio1886 H690
NaylorJudge IsaacBio1913 H196
NealG. W.Photo & Bio1903 A34
NealPhoebe A.Photo & Bio1903 A34
NealisJesse B.Bio1913 H941
NeesDavid S.Photo & Bio1903 A33
NeherDaniel I.Bio1913 H852
NeherE. M. Bio1886 H843
NelsonW. A.Bio1903 A42
NeyhardJ.Bio1895 H617
NixonF. M. Bio1886 H576
NorrisW. H. deceasedPhoto1913 H800b
NorrisWilliam H.Bio1913 H800
OgleBertrand D.Bio1913 H664
OgleJ. L. Bio1886 H622
OgleS. C. Bio1886 H623
OhlDavid Bio1886 H721
Old Court HousenullPhoto1913 H24b
OliphantAlbert G.Bio1913 H542
OliphantDr. H. R.Bio1913 H542
Opening Indiana ForestnullIllustration1886 H123
OrrC.Bio1895 H810
OrrClinton E.Bio1913 H545
OrrCurranBio1913 H649
OrrJ. S.Bio1895 H829
OrrM.Bio1895 H819
OrrMatthewBio1913 H649
OrrNathanBio1913 H545
OsborneD. W.Bio1895 H820
OsborneD. W. Bio1886 H577
OsterdayB.Bio1895 H821
OsterdayH. W.Bio1895 H821
PaigeA. E.Bio1878 A34
PaigeHon. A. E.Lithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A47
PaigeHon. A. E.Portrait1878 A25
PaigeJudge Allen EBio1913 H200
PainterE. B., Mrs.Bio1895 H822
PainterI. N.Bio1895 H822
PainterI. N.Portrait1895 H823
PalmerB. F. Bio1886 H405
PalmerJudge Truman H., Bio1913 H198, 521
PalmerM. D., R. F.Bio1913 H521
PalmerR. F.Bio1895 H826
PalmerT. H.Bio1878 A28
PalmerT. H.Bio1895 H823
PalmerT. H.Photo & Bio1903 A36
PalmerT. H.Portrait1878 A25
PalmerW.Bio1895 H825
ParisJ. H. Bio1886 H578
ParkerA.Bio1895 H826
ParkerA. P.Bio1895 H826
ParkerJosephBio1878 A29
ParkerJosephPortrait1878 A26
ParkerJoseph Bio1886 H459
ParkerR.Bio1895 H582
ParnerJohn Bio1886 H780
ParsonsO. C.Bio1895 H827
ParsonsP.Bio1895 H827
PartridgeE.Bio1895 H829
PartridgeT. J.Bio1895 H829
PatrickJ.Bio1895 H829
PatrickR.Bio1895 H830
PatrickW.Bio1895 H829
PatrickW. T.Bio1895 H830
PaulP.Bio1895 H831
PaulS. F.Bio1895 H831
PauleyAllen A.Bio1913 H613
PauleyHarry RBio1913 H613
PayW. E.Bio1895 H840
PayneE.Bio1895 H832
PayneElijahBio1913 H479
PayneJohn TBio1913 H479
PayneW.Bio1895 H832
PellmanAustinBio1913 H772
PellmanD. H.Bio1913 H772
PenceC. P.Bio1895 H833
PenceCharles RBio1913 H510
PenceF. E.Photo & Bio1903 A39
PenceFrank E.Bio1913 H966
PenceJ.Bio1895 H833
PenceJohnBio1878 A28
PenceJohnLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A55
PenceJohn Bio1886 H580
PenceJohn, and WifePortrait1878 A55
PenceJoseph W.Bio1913 H437
PenceM. C.Bio1895 H565
PencePaulBio1913 H510
PenceThomas C.Bio1913 H438
Pennsylvania HotelnullLithographic ViewRoss Township, Rossville1878 A77
PerrinH. C.Bio1895 H834
PerrinH. C. Bio1886 H844
PeterAnise W.Bio1913 H773
PeterDanielBio1913 H731
PeterE. L.Bio1895 H839
PeterFranklinBio1913 H773
PeterJ. A. Bio1886 H722
PeterNicholasBio1913 H731
PeterR.Bio1895 H839
PeterW.Bio1895 H839
PetereJ.Bio1895 H840
PetersArtie (see Krammes, Artie)Photo & Bio1903 A38
PetersC.Bio1895 H839
PetersF. T.Bio1895 H839
PetersH.Bio1895 H890
PetersWilliam Bio1886 H915
PetreD.Bio1895 H840
PetreD.Portrait1895 H841
PettyC. M. Bio1886 H916
PettyJ. A.Bio1895 H841
PhillipsCora (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
PhillipsD lla E. (see Boyd, D lla E.)Photo & Bio1903 A39
PhillipsJohn T.Bio1913 H818
PhillipsSolomonBio1913 H818
PhillipsWilber I. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
PickardOtto P.Bio1913 H912
PickeringJ. C. Bio1886 H722
PickeringT. J. Bio1886 H723
PinerG.Bio1895 H842
PinerT. C. Bio1886 H760
PinerThomas C.Lithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 251878 A60
Pioneer DwellingnullIllustration1886 H179
PoffinbargerValentine Bio1886 H815
PorterJudge John R.Bio1913 H196
PorterW. G.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 241878 A78
PotterA. A. Bio1886 H724
PowellW. L. M. Bio1886 H780
PowersW.Bio1895 H842
PriceDavid E.Bio1913 H846
PriceJacobBio1913 H846
PriceJohn T.Bio1913 H720
PriceJohn T. and familyPhoto1913 H720b
PriceWm.Bio1913 H721
PritschCarlPhoto & Bio1903 A39
PritschMarie K.Photo & Bio1903 A39
PruittC. N.Bio1903 A42
PruittE. R.Bio1903 A42
PruittIda L. (see Dunn, Ida L.)Photo & Bio1903 A37
PruittJ.Bio1895 H843
PruittJohnBio1913 H843
PruittJohnLithographic ViewJohnson Township, Sec 281878 A96
PruittJohn, and WifePortrait1878 A96
Public SchoolnullLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A57
PursifullA. J.Photo & Bio1903 A36
PursifullSarah EmilyPhoto & Bio1903 A36
RamseySamuel H.Bio1913 H970
RaperThomas Bio1886 H781
RebstockAmosBio1913 H527
RebstockJames L.Bio1913 H527
ReckardJ. L. Bio1886 H815
RecordJosiahBio1913 H634
RecordWilliam S.Bio1913 H634
RectorAmanda E. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
RectorMaly (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
ReedI. D. Bio1886 H782
ReedJ. C. Bio1886 H761
ReedJemima (see Cripe, Jemima)Photo & Bio1903 A38
ReedWilliam Bio1886 H762
RevisD.Bio1895 H845
RevisE.Bio1895 H844
RevisJ. G.Bio1895 H844
RevisPleasy B. (see Sharp, Pleasy B.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
RexDanielBio1903 A42
RexJohnLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 161878 A75
RexJohn Bio1886 H725
RexJosephLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 151878 A75
RexNoah Bio1886 H725
RiceDanielBio1878 A33
RiceDanielLithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 181878 A66
RiceDanielLithographic ViewOwen Township, Sec 121878 A66
RiceDaniel, and WifePortrait1878 A66
RiceHarvey A.Bio1903 A42
RiceJ.Bio1895 H846
RiceJ. A.Bio1895 H846
RiceNicholas T.Bio1913 H678
RiceTrouchamBio1913 H678
RiceWilliam E.Bio1913 H635
RiceWilliam S.Bio1913 H636
RickettsJohnBio1913 H723
RickettsJohn Bio1886 H862
RickettsJoseph H.Bio1913 H725
RickettsRev. ClemBio1913 H723
RidnourAdamBio1913 H555
RidnourWilliam S.Bio1913 H555
RinehartAllen Bio1886 H817
RobbinsG. W. Bio1886 H863
RobbinsJ.Bio1895 H884
RobertsonDavidBio1913 H568
RobinsonT. P. Bio1886 H782
RobisonA. M.Bio1913 H624
RobisonA. M.Photo1913 H624b
RobisonA. M. Bio1886 H884
RobisonA. M. Illustration1886 H884
RobisonAndrewBio1913 H624
RobisonAndrew Bio1886 H882
RobisonAndrew M.Bio1913 H640
RobisonDr. J. E. and wifePhoto1913 H640b
RobisonJames H.Bio1913 H624
RobisonM. D., John E.Bio1913 H640
RobisonMrs. A. M.Photo1913 H624b
RodenbargerH.Bio1895 H845
RogersJ. C. Bio1886 H433
RogersJohn C.Bio1913 H858
RoseW. W.Bio1903 A42
RossA.Bio1895 H849
RossJ. A.Bio1895 H849
RossJ. A.Bio1913 H392
RossJ. A.Portrait1895 H848
RossJohn A.Photo1913 H392b
RossJohn S.Bio1903 A42
RossR. H. Bio1886 H459
RothenbergerChristianBio1913 H778
RothenbergerChristian Bio1886 H726
RothenbergerEphraimLithographic ViewMadison Township, Sec 221878 A75
RothenbergerLewisBio1913 H778
RothenbergerPerry A.Bio1913 H787
RothenbergerPeterBio1913 H780
RoushHattie (see Hendricks, Hattie)Photo & Bio1903 A37
RoushW. J.Bio1895 H850
RouskFred Bio1886 H762
RuchGeorgeLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 301878 A75
RuchJoseph J.Bio1913 H770
RuchJoseph J.Lithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 19 & 301878 A68
RuchP.Bio1895 H758
RuchPercyBio1913 H880
RuchPeterBio1913 H771
RuchThomas H.Bio1913 H938
RuchWilliamBio1913 H961
RushThomas H.Bio1913 H938
RussellJ.Bio1895 H851
RussellJonathan N.Bio1913 H930
RussellR. T.Bio1903 A42
RussellT. D.Bio1895 H851
RutanSquireBio1903 A42
RyanJesseBio1913 H431
RyanJesse E.Bio1913 H431
Scene at Fairground1912Photo1913 H248b
Scene at Fairground1912Photo1913 H256b
Scene on the OhionullIllustration1886 H233
Scene on the WabashnullIllustration1886 H145
SchlosserW. MonroeBio1913 H957
SchooleyJ. W.Bio1913 H570
SchrefflerEva (see Steckel, Eva)Photo & Bio1903 A36
ScottJohn C.Bio1913 H587
ScottMrs. MariahBio1913 H587
ScriptureD. V. S., Isan E.Bio1913 H981
ScroggyJ. E.Bio1895 H852
SeagerJohn Bio1886 H727
SeagerJohn Illustration1886 H727
SeagerR. W. Bio1886 H917
SearcyHiramBio1903 A42
SeawrightHon. WilsonBio1878 A36
SeawrightHon. WilsonPortrait1878 A23
SeawrightWilson Bio1886 H582
Second Ward School – Old High SchoolnullPhoto1913 H278c
SellersA.Bio1895 H852
SellersJ. H.Bio1895 H852
ShaforW. N. Bio1886 H783
ShanabargerPeter Bio1886 H728
ShanklinJohn C.Bio1913 H422
ShanklinJohn S.Bio1913 H422
ShanksJohn E.Bio1913 H686
ShanksStephenBio1913 H686
SharpCharlesPhoto & Bio1903 A38
SharpPleasy B.Photo & Bio1903 A38
ShawC. E.Bio1895 H675
ShawJ. F. Bio1886 H461
ShawJames C.Bio1913 H533
ShawMonroe C.Bio1913 H553
ShearerH.Bio1895 H853
ShearerHugh Bio1886 H654
ShearerJ. A.Bio1895 H853
SheetsDavidBio1913 H632
SheetsDavid Bio1886 H885
SheetsJacobBio1913 H614
SheetsJohnBio1913 H618
SheetsMichael Bio1886 H886
SheetsPhilip M.Bio1913 H632
SheetsPhilip M. and familyPhoto1913 H632b
SheetsPhillip Bio1886 H885
SheetsSamuelBio1913 H619
SheetsSantfordBio1913 H614
SheetsZimri E.Bio1913 H816
SheetsZimri E. and familyPhoto1913 H816b
ShefflerA. R. Bio1886 H784
SheridanD. F.Bio1895 H853
SheridanH. C.Bio1895 H853
SheridanH. C. Bio1886 H434
ShockleyDaniel B.Bio1913 H580
ShockleyJohn C.Bio1913 H579
ShoemakerJacobBio1913 H893
ShortMrs. Mary Illustration1886 H785
ShortSolomon Bio1886 H784
ShortSolomon Illustration1886 H784
SidwellL.Bio1913 H382
SidwellW. P.Bio1903 A42
SidwellW. P.Bio1913 H381
SiegfriedD. K., Pennsylvania HotelLithographic ViewRoss Township, Rossville1878 A77
SiftonD. C., NateBio1913 H509
SiftonJohn W.Bio1913 H509
SilpherS.Bio1895 H669
SilverthornEdmundBio1913 H975
SilverthornEdmund A. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
SilverthornJanePhoto & Bio1903 A35
SilverthornJas. E.Bio1903 A42
SilverthornVenora (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A38
SilverthornWm.Bio1878 A31 1/2
SilverthornWm.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 241878 A76
SilverthornWm. N.Photo & Bio1903 A35
SimpsonGeorgePhoto & Bio1903 A34
SimpsonGeorge T.Bio1913 H878
SimsAlexander Bio1886 H643
SimsC.Bio1895 H856
SimsC. W.Bio1913 H405
SimsCapt. James N.Portrait1878 A24
SimsCiceroBio1913 H726
SimsFrancis B.Bio1913 H753
SimsJ. N.Bio1895 H854
SimsJames M.Bio1913 H809
SimsJames N.Bio1878 A35
SimsJames N.Bio1913 H204
SimsL.Bio1895 H857
SimsLewis Bio1886 H886
SimsNany J. (see Merrick, Nancy J.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
SimsPageBio1878 A32
SimsPageLithographic ViewWarren Township, Sec 311878 A87
SimsPagePortrait1878 A87
SimsPage Bio1886 H623
SimsS.Bio1895 H854
SimsS. B.Bio1913 H407
SimsStephenBio1913 H726
SimsStephen Bio1886 H583
SimsW. S.Bio1895 H857
SimsW. S. Bio1886 H584
SimsWm. S.Photo & Bio1903 A34
SipeCharles Bio1886 H585
SleethHenry E.Bio1913 H674
SleethOliver P.Bio1913 H675
SlipherD.Bio1895 H858
SlipherD. C.Bio1903 A42
SlipherDavidBio1878 A31 1/4
SlipherDavidPortrait1878 A31
SlipherDavid Bio1886 H729
SlipherHortensePhoto & Bio1903 A36
SlipherI. N. Bio1886 H918
SlipherMarkwoodPhoto & Bio1903 A36
SlipherS.Bio1895 H858
SlipherW. I. Bio1886 H731
SmithC. K.Bio1903 A42
SmithChalmer L.Bio1913 H775
SmithCora (see Phillips, Cora)Photo & Bio1903 A36
SmithD. V. S., DeWitt C.Bio1913 H980
SmithEdwardBio1913 H775
SmithG. A. Bio1886 H586
SmithGeo.Photo & Bio1903 A33
SmithGeorgeBio1913 H748
SmithGeorgeLithographic ViewRoss Township, Near Rossville1878 A80
SmithGeorge Bio1886 H845
SmithH. L.Bio1895 H860
SmithH. L.Lithographic ViewRoss Township, Near Rossville1878 A80
SmithH. L. Bio1886 H846
SmithIsraelBio1913 H485
SmithJ. FrankBio1913 H491
SmithJ. H.Bio1895 H870
SmithJ. W.Bio1895 H859
SmithJames W.Bio1913 H491
SmithJohn H.Bio1913 H748
SmithM. C. Bio1886 H587
SmithM. J., Mrs.Bio1895 H860
SmithN. N.Bio1913 H978
SmithR.Bio1895 H863
SmithR. E. C.Bio1895 H862
SmithSamuel B.Bio1913 H485
SmithT.Bio1895 H859
SmithT. J.Bio1895 H862
SmithT. J. Bio1886 H587
SmithW.Bio1895 H859
SmithW. T.Bio1895 H863
SmockJ.Bio1895 H865
SmockM. M.Bio1895 H865
SnelbergerDavidBio1913 H883
SnodgrassClarence G.Bio1913 H583
SnodgrassG.Bio1895 H864
SnodgrassGarrettBio1913 H583
SnodgrassGarrett (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
SnodgrassJ. J.Photo & Bio1903 A35
SnodgrassLaura F. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
SnodgrassR.Bio1895 H864
SnyderEmanuelBio1913 H574
SnyderJ.Bio1895 H866
SnyderJohnBio1878 A31 1/4
SnyderJohnLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 21878 A74
SnyderJohn Bio1886 H919
SnyderJohn, and WifePortrait1878 A74
SnyderW. V.Bio1895 H866
Snyder. Jonathan S.nullBio1913 H574
SouthardAaron H.Bio1913 H655
SouthardJ. E. Bio1886 H589
SpahrGeorge M.Bio1913 H442
SpahrGeorge M.Photo & Bio1903 A34
SpahrMorrison Abstract C.oBio1913 H441
SparksAllen Bio1886 H818
SparksElijah Bio1886 H435
SparksJ.Bio1895 H866
SparksJ. A.Bio1895 H866
SparksJames A.Bio1913 H968
SparksT.Bio1895 H866
SpitznagleA.Bio1895 H867
SpitznagleJ. N.Bio1895 H867
SprayA.Bio1895 H868
SprayCallie M. (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
SprayDora (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
SprayEd (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
SprayFrank (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A35
SprayH. N.Bio1895 H868
SprayW.Bio1895 H868
SpurgeonMaggie (see Boyer, Maggie)Photo & Bio1903 A36
SquireJ. W. Bio1886 H785
St. Marys Catholic ChurchnullBio1913 H768
St. Marys Catholic ChurchnullPhoto1913 H768b
StaffordAmanda E. (see Taylor, Amanda E.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
StaffordE.Bio1895 H560
StaffordH. W. Bio1886 H732
StaffordJ. E. Bio1886 H920
StaffordJ. E. Illustration1886 H20
StaleyA.Bio1895 H869
StaleyE. H.Bio1895 H869
StaleyE. H. Bio1886 H398
StaleyE. H., and WifePortrait1878 A54
StaleyE. H., Residence and OfficeLithographic ViewFrankfort1878 A54
StaleyErastus H.-;Bio1913 H184-185
StaleyProf. E. H.Photo1913 H184c
StaleyW. A. Bio1886 H436
StaleyW. H.Bio1895 H870
Staley & BurnsnullBio1895 H870
StarkeyB. F.Bio1895 H872
StarkeyD. L. Bio1886 H590
StarkeyJ.Bio1895 H764
StarkeyJohn Bio1886 H921
StarkeyT. G.Bio1895 H871
SteckelEvaPhoto & Bio1903 A36
SteckelJoseph Bio1886 H733
SteckelJoseph H.Bio1913 H792
SteckelJoseph H. and familyPhoto1913 H792b
SteckelJoseph, Bio1913 H488, 792
SteckelMartin S.Photo & Bio1903 A36
SteckelPhaonBio1913 H488
StephensonEmeline J.Photo & Bio1903 A35
StephensonHon. Wm.Photo & Bio1903 A35
StephensonJames A.Bio1913 H440
StephensonJane (see Silverthorn, Jane)Photo & Bio1903 A35
StephensonJoseph E.Portrait1878 A26
StephensonMortonBio1913 H600
StephensonSamuelBio1913 H585
StephensonWilliamBio1913 H584
StephensonWilliamBio1913 H600
StephensonWilliam Bio1886 H785
StephensonWm. DeceasedPhoto1913 H584b
StevensIsaac F.Bio1913 H539
StevensS. B.Bio1913 H539
StevensonEdwardBio1913 H828
StevensonW. P.Bio1913 H828
StewartFrank ReedBio1913 H704
StewartFrank Reed deceasedPhoto1913 H704b
StewartHenryBio1913 H704
StewartJ. H. Bio1886 H692
StewartJohn W. Bio1886 H764
StinsonH.Bio1895 H845
StomsIsaac H.Bio1913 H654
StomsPerry E.Bio1913 H652
StormsHortensePhoto & Bio1903 A36
StormsJamesBio1913 H575
StormsJohnBio1913 H575
StotterAmos Bio1886 H591
StowersRoss J. (Wire Fence Advertisement)Photo & Bio1903 A39
StowersRoswell J.Bio1913 H599
StowersRoswell J.Photo & Bio1903 A35
StowersTravis Bio1886 H693
StraesserArthur G.Bio1913 H528
StraesserJohnBio1913 H538
StrangeH.Bio1895 H871
StrangeHenry Bio1886 H644
StrangeHezekiah Bio1886 H644
StrangeHon. Wm.Portrait1878 A26
StrangeS.Bio1895 H871
StrangeSeth Bio1886 H645
StrangeWilliam Bio1886 H462
StrangeWm.Bio1878 A32
StrongBertBio1913 H564
StrongWilliamBio1913 H564
StrongWilliam Bio1886 H764
StroupJ.Bio1895 H872
StroupJacobBio1913 H929
StroupOliver M.Bio1913 H566
StuartJohn W.Lithographic ViewMichigan Township, Sec 261878 A60
StultzP.Bio1895 H873
StultzW. A.Bio1895 H873
SuhreHenry C.Bio1913 H562
SuhreM. D.. Edward F.Bio1913 H562
SuitJoseph C.Portrait1878 A24
SuitJudge Joseph CBio1913 H199
SunierFrank L.Bio1913 H502
SunierJesse E.Bio1913 H502
SwackhamerBertram W.Bio1913 H593
SwackhamerEdgarBio1913 H499
SwackhamerElijahBio1913 H499
TaylorAmanda E. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
TaylorMartin J.Bio1913 H856
TaylorWm. E. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A38
TecumsehnullIllustration1886 H109
TeeguardenF. M.Bio1895 H874
TeeguardenF. M. Bio1886 H820
TeeguardenW. H.Bio1895 H874
TempleE. V.Bio1895 H876
TempleG. W.Bio1895 H875
TempleJ.Bio1895 H875
TempleJ. A. Bio1886 H591
TerhuneJudge Thos. J.Bio1913 H199
TharpLevi Bio1886 H464
ThatcherA. M. Bio1886 H592
ThatcherAnson Bio1886 H695
ThatcherG. W. Bio1886 H593
ThatcherJohnBio1913 H677
ThatcherJohn Bio1886 H765
ThatcherMarshallBio1913 H902
The Shawnee ProphetnullIllustration1886 H88
ThomasAsahel W.Bio1913 H498
ThomasH. H.Bio1895 H876
ThomasHenry Herbert WBio1913 H427
ThomasJohn W.Bio1913 H620
ThomasL. L.Bio1895 H878
ThomasM. L.Bio1895 H876
ThomasMinor L.Bio1913 H427
ThomasP. K.Bio1895 H878
ThomasPurnal K.Bio1913 H620
ThomasSamuel P.Bio1913 H497
ThomasW. D.Bio1903 A42
ThomasWilliam G.Bio1913 H633
ThomasWm. D.Bio1913 H633
ThompsonA. A. Bio1886 H593
ThompsonC. C.Bio1895 H879
ThompsonCharles C.Bio1913 H751
ThompsonDavidBio1878 A29
ThompsonDavidLithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 71878 A68
ThompsonDavid Bio1886 H921
ThompsonDavid, and WifePortrait1878 A68
ThompsonG. L.Bio1895 H879
ThompsonGeorge LBio1913 H751
ThompsonGeorge M.Bio1913 H942
ThompsonJ. C. F.Bio1895 H878
ThompsonPhoebe A. (see Fickle, Phoebe A.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
ThompsonR. W. Bio1886 H696
ThompsonS. H.Bio1913 H414
ThompsonS. H.Photo & Bio1903 A35
ThompsonT.Bio1895 H879
ThompsonThomas Bio1886 H922
ThompsonWm. R.Bio1878 A31 1/4
ThompsonWm. R.Lithographic ViewWashington Township, Sec 61878 A68
TicenP.Bio1895 H880
TimmonsAlonzo E.Bio1913 H500
TimmonsAndrew J.Bio1913 H501
TimmonsJohn W.Bio1913 H482
TompkinsEdward E.Bio1913 H596
ToopsJ.Bio1895 H881
ToopsJacobBio1913 H734
ToopsT.Bio1895 H881
ToopsTaylorBio1913 H734
ToopsTaylorLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 171878 A46
TraskE.Bio1895 H882
TrippChas. S.Photo & Bio1903 A35
TroutA.Bio1895 H883
TroutD.Bio1895 H883
TroutI.Bio1895 H883
TroutJ.Bio1895 H883
TroxelWalterBio1903 A42
TroxellMarie E. (see Gochenour, Marie E.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
TruittHarry S.Bio1903 A42
TurneyJ. W. Bio1886 H594
UngerCalvinBio1913 H659
UngerCalvin (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
UngerDavidBio1913 H814
UngerDavidPhoto & Bio1903 A36
UngerEmma (and family)Photo & Bio1903 A36
UngerG. W. Bio1886 H887
UngerGeorge W.Bio1913 H659
UngerJohnBio1913 H650
UngerLydia S. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
UngerM. V. &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
UngerMartin V.Bio1913 H745
UngerMary K.Bio1913 H652
UngerOliver C.Bio1913 H529
Van AukenCalvinBio1913 H672
Van AukenClarkPhoto1913 H672b
Van AukenClark R.Bio1913 H672
Van AukenMrs. ClarkPhoto1913 H672b
Van AusdellH.Bio1895 H588
Van EatonHarry B.Bio1913 H443
Van EatonValentine H.Bio1913 H443
VansickleJohn Bio1886 H923
VansickleJohn Illustration1886 H923
Vertical Section of The RocksnullIllustration1886 H257
Volunteers – Spanish American WarnullPhoto1913 H176c
WadeT. H. Bio1886 H464
WaggonerWilliam G.Bio1913 H911
WagnerB. D.Bio1895 H663
WaldronLawrence D.Photo & Bio1903 A38
WaldronMaudPhoto & Bio1903 A38
WalkerC. E.Bio1895 H884
WalkerJ.Bio1895 H884
WalshW. B.Photo & Bio1903 A34
WalterAlexander Bio1886 H888
WatsonJ. R. Bio1886 H594
WattJ.Bio1895 H887
WattJ.Portrait1895 H886
WattMrs. Samuel G.Photo1913 H680d
WattRobertBio1913 H680
WattSamuel G.Bio1913 H680
WattSamuel G.Photo1913 H680c
WaytFrank M.Bio1913 H963
WeaverF. D.Bio1903 A42
WeaverLuella &fPhoto & Bio1903 A39
WeaverO. P.Bio1895 H887
WeaverW. V.Bio1895 H888
WebsterDr. James GathBio1913 H456
WebsterJason G., M. D.Photo1913 H456b
WeidenerD.Bio1895 H891
WeidnerJoseph S., Store and ResidenceLithographic ViewMadison Township, Mulberry1878 A79
WellerJosie A.Bio1913 H524
WellmanJohn M.Bio1913 H590
WellmanJohn Wm.Bio1913 H590
WestA.Bio1895 H697
WharneyJames A. Bio1886 H765
WharryJ. A.Bio1895 H888
WharryJ. S.Bio1895 H888
WhitcombJ. L. Bio1886 H766
WhiteAlexanderBio1913 H436
WhiteG. W.Bio1895 H889
WhiteH.Bio1895 H889
WhiteM. B. Bio1886 H847
WhiteMelville B.Bio1913 H436
WhitePhoebe A. (see Neal, Phoebe A.)Photo & Bio1903 A34
WhiteWm.Bio1913 H436
WhitemanJ.Bio1895 H890
WhitemanW.Bio1895 H890
WidnerDanielBio1878 A31 1/2
WidnerDanielLithographic ViewRoss Township, Sec 321878 A76
WigleH. H. Bio1886 H889
WildsDr. I. T.-Bio1913 H207-208
WilesElizabeth J.Photo & Bio1903 A35
WilesM. M. and wifePhoto1913 H712b
WilesP. M. Bio1886 H864
WilesPeter M.Photo & Bio1903 A35
WilesRev. M. M.Bio1913 H712
WilhelmChristianBio1878 A32
WilhelmChristianLithographic ViewWarren Township, Sec 19 & 251878 A87
WilhelmChristian Bio1886 H624
WilhelmChristian, and WifePortrait1878 A87
WilliamsAllen Bio1886 H697
WilliamsW. C.Bio1903 A42
WilliamsWillard C.Bio1913 H595
WillsCharlesBio1913 H594
WillsCharles Bio1886 H699
WillsJ. W.Bio1913 H594
WilsonDr. C. N.Bio1913 H860
WinksCharles E.Bio1913 H979
WinshipJ.Bio1895 H693
WiseJ. B.Bio1895 H891
WiseJ. B. Bio1886 H466
WolfA., Mrs.Bio1895 H813
WoodThomas Z.Bio1913 H935
WrattenE.Bio1895 H892
WrattenL.Bio1895 H892
WrattenL.Portrait1895 H893
WrightA.Bio1895 H895
WrightN. W.Bio1895 H895
WrightN. W.Bio1913 H637
WrightW. T. Bio1886 H595
WrightWardBio1913 H636
WrightsmanMartha E. (see Miller, Martha E.)Photo & Bio1903 A38
WyantMary Jane (see Lanam, Mary Jane)Photo & Bio1903 A38
WyncookJ. V. Bio1886 H700
WynkoopJ. V.Bio1903 A42
XandersRev. W. H. Bio1886 H734
YostJ. HenryPhoto & Bio1903 A35
YoukeyW. P. Bio1886 H466
YoungDavid Bio1886 H607
YoungDr. M. V.Lithographic ViewOwen Township, Geetingsville1878 A89
YoungG. T.Bio1895 H897
YoungJ. L.Bio1895 H895
YoungJohnson Bio1886 H596
YoungM. V.Bio1878 A31 1/2
YoungM. V., and WifePortrait1878 A89
YoungR.Bio1895 H898
YoungR. O.Bio1878 A32
YoungR. O.Bio1895 H898
YoungR. O. Bio1886 H467
YoungR. O. Illustration1886 H467
YoungRobert O.Portrait1878 A26
YundtD.Bio1895 H899
YundtG.Bio1895 H899
YundtP. F.Bio1903 A42
ZaringChristian Bio1886 H608
ZaringEliLithographic ViewCenter Township, Sec 331878 A46
ZerfasD. A. Bio1886 H767
ZerfasSolomon Bio1886 H767
ZeringHenry J.Bio1913 H679
ZieglerCharlesPhoto & Bio1903 A35