Here is a great page on Abandoned and Little-Known Airfields in northern Indiana.

It includes Stair Airport in Mulberry, created by John Robert Russ ‘Pop’ Stair, an aviation pioneer who opened an airstrip in Mulberry in 1928. He trained many pilots, including some who later went on to become astronauts.

Another listed is Frankfort Airport / Lockwood Field in Frankfort, which was around at least as long ago as 1930.

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  1. He trained me since I lived across the highway from the ( runway ). Planes clipped many of our tall poplar trees on landings. I also washed planes for $1.00. What many people do not know is that Pop Stair took a 49 Ford and installed a Piper Cub engine in place of the Ford engine. Once in awhile he would start it on Sunday morning and run it on Highway 38 for a few miles. You could hear him coming for miles. To this day I have no idea how he hooked it up to the transmission, but it sure could run.

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